Saturday, May 2, 2015

April Release catch up!

Well ok I'm like 10 missions away from finishing GTA5's main story but I'm a bit burnt out so lets talk about something else. Well not something else, here's the games I picked up each week since my last post! Benefit to me missing almost two weeks? Several games I picked up I ended up deleting so this post will be the ones who are still around keeping me entertained.

Ys Chronicles 1
Action RPG port from the pc / psp1 way back originally released in 2000. Heavy Japanese RPG here :)
4.99, gamecenter enabled, no internet connection required. No IAP.

Card Battler Japanese RPG, original to iOS.
4.99, gamecenter enabled, no internet connection required. No IAP.

Marvel Future Fight
Action RPG, hero collector, lots of online social stuff, optional pvp, events, etc. Kinda reminds me of Heroes Charge, but with more hands on control of your party.
Free, gamecenter enabled, internet required, IAP present, energy bar present.

Soul Unleashed
Portrait view rpg, robust chracter creation / improvement system. Says there is iap, havent spotted it yet.
4.99, no gamcenter, no internet required, iap present... somewhere.

Wings Remastered
Remake of an amiga game from the 80's. Three perspectives of flight, third person / top down and isometric. Career mode, reminds me a whole lot of those old f18a games on my first computer, a Commodore.
4.99, no gamecenter, no internet required, no iap.

(this is a video of the pc steam version, better graphics in this video but that aside, the gameplay is same from what I've seen)

Halo: Spartan Bundle
Relive famous halo battles, bottom left to navigate, bottom right to shoot. Various gestures like double tapping and finger sliding to use grenades and whatnot. Spend earned experience from fights on better weapons and perks. Visually impressive, controls feel a tad over senaitive but not painful.
9.99usd, gamecenter enabled, no internet required, no iap.

Sky Punks
Racer from same folks who made angry birds go. This racer is much better designed though. Two types of tracks, endless and story. Story tracks always pit you against npc opponents. Endless out you on a track with a goal. Get this many coins, make it such and such distance, etc. it's endless though and quite rewarding should you three star the goal and keep going. Once you three star the goal all score and coin earned doubles.

Racing is on three lanes. Swipe left right to change lanes, up to jump and down to slide. Lots of buffs on track including attacks.

Two forms of currency. Ingame comes from anything you do. Iap comes from leveling up, currency packs and littered randomly across tracks. Coin doubler is present, ALOT of racers to unlock, a lot of vehicles and all are upgradable.
Free, gamecenter enabled, no internet required, iap present.

Tiny Guardians
Anyone remember those action rpg games where you had four or five heroes on the screen and you could draw lines from them to enemies to attack or places to move or spells to target? This is that, if tossed in the blender with tower defense and blended up real nice!

Your tower defense 'base' in this is the white robbed card tossing Mage. She unlike most td bases will defend herself. Your 'tower points' are arranged around the Mage in runic patterns that can be upgraded to add more 'tower points' to the pattern. Your 'towers' are actual adventurers. Warrior, Mage, archer, rogue, the list goes on and on. There are a lot of them! You place them, upgrade them but like the rpg I mentioned you can move them with finger drags to keep the squshies out of range and the tanks up in the mess.

The goal of each stage is to keep the white Mage alive from beginning to end. And since this is an rpg, the trip isn't stale by any means. Ambushes, reinforcements, wolves, bandits, weird slimes, you name it. If you make it, you receive a reward in the form of stars. Stars are spent on the traditional tower def nose talent tree that affects and imp over all your Heros in various ways.

There is a main story and you can complete it on multiple difficulties and play modes. There's also a tavern where you can undertake quests. Quests award a different type of coin that is spent on highly specialized Heros like Paladins and whatnot.

Very cool so far, iap is 100% optional and only cosmetically changes the look of your heroes. No benefits aside for, additional support to the devs if you want to.
3.99usd, gamecenter enabled, no internet required, iap present.

Lost Within
Wow, a iOS game made me jump. Didn't think it was possible! Survival horror, this game was originally made for amazons tablet lineup but they decided it needed to come to iOS if they wanted any chance of breaking even on budget.

Run, hide, die. A lot. Spooky voices, fantastic visuals, tap based controls with full movement allowed in all areas of the game. Lots of literature narrative fleshes out the backstory, this one is a win.
6.99usd, gamecenter enabled, no internet required, no iap.

Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities
Not enough horror for you from Lost Within? Here's another survival horror heh. Third person psychological horror that combines exploration, puzzles, and a whole lot of fear heh.
4.99usd, gamecenter enabled, no internet requirement, no iap.

And on that note, farewell April. April was an amazing month for premium titles. Can't wait to see where we go in May!


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