Saturday, July 18, 2015

Space Engineers, 3.0 progress

Amazing really how out of control my creative side gets when I let it run amok heheh. This ship has considerably changed design at least four times yesterday. Most of the plan is ironed out in my head though so thats... a plus. Assuming I don't think up some new idea again.

Here we go :

Friday, July 17, 2015

Why I need dx11 in my life!

Space Engineers has basic support for dx11 though its currently HIGHLY unoptimized. That said, there's nothing stopping a person from turning it on an drooling all over their space ships.

Space Engineers 2.0c Final

2.0b... I've different ideas in mind for that one. 2.0b will maintain the same build as 2.0, with separable sections of it. More to come on that.

Introducing 2.0c, Light Carrier Exploration Cruiser. Capable of 2k meter jumps, power grid fully sufficient to recharge drives in between use. Fully self sufficient with refining and production abilities. The Neck was nearly doubled in size and strengthened with additional heavy armor arms. Engineers at Paigelore Industries took the body of a second 2.0 class and attached it to an existing 2.0, using the new front end as a hangar bay Additional vertical large thrusters have been added as well as two more breaking thrusters.

Lastly, the ring itself has been toned a bit for improved less blocky look.

Weekly Release Roundup

New release list, two new games in my stable. Didn't grab any games last week so that's why there was no release then. Both these games are quality, one is a PC port. Both iPad/mini, both fairly hard on the hardware so mini 2 or ipad 4 at minimum for both.

Edit: Three games. One did come out late last week, also a PC port.

This War of Mine
9.99usd, gamecenter enabled, no iap, 380mb download.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Space Engineers 2.0b

Work in progress. With the upgrade to 1.0 complete I have found myself staring at 2.0, thinking about 2.0, dreaming up ideas about 2.0, you name it. The works. Now Original model both ships were essentially the same thing, with 2.0 just being bigger. 1.0b is still as originally intended, exploration class cruiser. With afew perks of course. 2.0b is actually taking on a role of its own, Carrier. Not the largest Carrier mind you, but definitely fits the bill while retaining all the production self sufficiency of the original 2.0.

Exterior is largely done though I am pondering weaponization.

Photos follow the break.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Space Engineers 1.0b Final

I'm comfortable in saying my light exploration cruiser is complete... assuming Keen doesn't spark an explosion of inspiration via future update heheh.

Photos follow.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Fallout Shelter Update

Bug fixes, crash fixes, etc, etc. Oh and this update fixes the infinite lunchbox bug. If your one of those playing with this bug, do not update.

Space Engineers, 1.0b

Long, long longggg overdue, yesterdays update added a feature that just gave me all the reason I could need to do some work on my oldest ship, 1.0 (still haven't named her, or 2.0 heh). Jump Drives are Keens way of handling faster flight in a game engine that simply isn't capable of letting us players go as fast as we would like. On the technical side, the game simply teleports our large (large only) class ship from point A to point B. Points A and B can be off GPS coordinates for precise flight or we can simply aim and fire. Its a very cool feature and well thought out. Other players can come so long as their sitting in a chair onboard, other ships cam come so long as they are landing gear of coupled. The ship will not hit anything when coming out of warp, infact the ship will stop about 5k shy. The more drives on a ship, the further you can go though also the more on your ship the longer your ships engines and gyro's will be offline (the drive recharges).

NOTE, jumping beyond the border of a non exploration save will result in the destruction of your ship and you (if in survival mode). Make sure you turn on exploration before using your jump drive!

Well, all that said, screenshots follow the break.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Space Engineers - Jump Drive

-glances at steam thursday update for Space Engineers-

Jump. Drive.


-starts a long long long overdue upgrade to 1.0-

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

PS Plus July for Vita

-dusts off vita- You know, I honestly have no idea why I don't play this thing more. Or at all to be honest. Its a fantastic platform and thankfully most developers ignore the rear touch panel or make it completely optional. I have 5 screens worth of games installed, even more not installed. All my installed ones are very well rated around the industry. Dunno what holds me back.

Anyways. Bunch of discounted games for this month, feels like a better offering than in recent months. Three free games too.

For starters there's your entire sony lineup for july PS Plus subscribers. Outside the vita I highly recommend you all grab Styx for the ps4, fantastic stealth game with lots and lots of variety that entertains plenty of playstyles. That and Styx himself is a funny as hell snarky little ass heh!

I picked up two of the three free ps vita titles, here's a quick experience.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

WoW 6.2 Rundown

I've been running around Tenaan Jungle for about a week and a half now. Admittedly it was initially very intimidating. There's a whole lot of angry everything everywhere, none of it likes you. However once I set about looking around and feeling it out, I'm enjoying it. Its Timeless isle with lots of angry orcs, a lacking presence of panda and even more things to do. What follows is what I've observed so far including my daily routine.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fallout Shelter Followup

Bethesda announced today that the game has been played an average 70million times a day every day since it released last week. Epic!