Saturday, July 11, 2015

Space Engineers 1.0b Final

I'm comfortable in saying my light exploration cruiser is complete... assuming Keen doesn't spark an explosion of inspiration via future update heheh.

Photos follow.

Original model 1.0, launched in to service late September. Strictly exploration, slow to turn accelerate and stop heheh. My first attempt at a non utility ship.

Same ship, as of 20 minutes ago. 1.0b. Twice the acceleration, deceleration and steering of the original. More flair all throughout, twin jump drives capable of a 4million m jump and enough reactor juice to navigate immediately after the jump while the drives recharge. Docking bay in the head with two explorer frigates present. The neck has received 2.0's window treatment and well damn, this is just an all round improvement heh.

1.0's bridge. Always felt klingon to me.

Interior shots bridge, neck and hangar included. The following are just other random shots of the finished 1.0b.

I've always been very proud of this ship, was my first large class. Thank you Keen for jump drives, returned my focus to 1.0 and modernizement followed :)

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