Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Space Engineers 2.0b

Work in progress. With the upgrade to 1.0 complete I have found myself staring at 2.0, thinking about 2.0, dreaming up ideas about 2.0, you name it. The works. Now Original model both ships were essentially the same thing, with 2.0 just being bigger. 1.0b is still as originally intended, exploration class cruiser. With afew perks of course. 2.0b is actually taking on a role of its own, Carrier. Not the largest Carrier mind you, but definitely fits the bill while retaining all the production self sufficiency of the original 2.0.

Exterior is largely done though I am pondering weaponization.

Photos follow the break.

Original model, as she looked this morning.

Refresh mid progress. Essentially I took a second 2.0, cut both ships necks and heads off and then swing one around and merged the two heh. The new neck is 4 blocks wider. Spun the 'wings' on the front around so they face the same direction as the rear wings. Removed the ring from the new front of the ship and you can't see it in the photos above but the entire front is one big open mouth for smaller ships to come and go as they please. I'll post front photos once its finalized, probably same time as I finish the hangar bay.

More to come.

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