Sunday, August 30, 2015

Space Engineers

Hey everyone, progress report in SE here! Woo! We've kinda taken a break from the dedicated server. The software keen has out right now for dedicated servers is quirky, buggy and hit or miss. Really long loading times, etc. Frustrating. The two folks on my server with me both have their own single player games running on the side so I decided to fire one up of my own.

Went with a easy start, survival with oxygen enabled.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Weekly Release Roundup

Seven games this week survived initial scroll through. Five made it as far as app store link. One was deleted after 20 minutes or so of play. Rarely, pocket gamer AND itunes feature page both pretty much mirror toucharcade so no hidden gems (unless they show up Thursday or Friday night).

Starting today I'll be providing links to the game post for each game over on toucharcade, good people and an active forum community -thumbs up- I've also disabled (pretty sure...) comments on the blog. Only ones ever using it were hack/cheater/crack linkers anyways heh. Go to toucharcade for the community :)

The following four are still on my ipad and to some extent or another I managed to enjoy every single one of them.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Divinity: Original Sin 2

I can already see myself kicking my friends in the backside.

"This is where the trolling comes in. While Vincke’s co-worker from Larian was running around, doing deeds for a quest, Vincke decided to mess with him. First, he dribbled some poison into an otherwise perfectly normal-looking health potion and slotted it into his frenemy’s inventory. Then he put the town guards on high alert for illegal contraband, noting that he could easily acquire some and put that into his alleged ally’s inventory as well. The other Larian-er, playing a dwarf, was already number one on the guards’ suspect list due to the town’s history of racism against dwarves.
Later, he got into a battle with some mercenaries, and that’s when Vincke chose to strike. He gleefully ran to join the turn-based battle, dagger aimed right for his ally’s back. First, he attacked his friend directly, turning him into a screaming tangle of flailing limbs, beard, and fire. Then his friend went to drink the potion and, well, you can probably guess what happened next. It’s some Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck shit. Sometimes friends, sometimes foes, but you can expect a hefty dose of comedic slapstick regardless."

Hit Kickstarter, reached full funding in a matter of hours and apparently folks co-oping this one will be able to screw with eachother...

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wednesday Release Roundup pt4

Ok, last four games and then the entire last month will be caught up... note to self, don't ignore the blog for a whole month again. Eesh.

RPG Tears Revolude
3.99usd, 70mb download, gamecenter enabled, universal.

Wednesday Release Roundup pt3

Continuing game catch up, here's pt3. Note, I'm going to stop calling it "Wednesday Release Roundup" once I catch myself up. It suggests a deadline for me making these posts. New name will be "Weekly Release Roundup" or somesuch. I'm also feeling settled in on the good art of rambling so expect there to be more content from these posts heh.

On to the games!

Loot & Legends
Free, 73mb download, no gamecenter, iPad only.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wednesday Release Roundup pt2

Round two... go!

Final Fantasy VII
15.99usd, 1.63gig download, no gamecenter, universal.

No introduction neccessary, the rpg that took rpg's to the next level is finally FINALLY on our tablets and phones. Cloud support enabled between devices. A no random encounter toggle for when you need to get to a save point fast... or just don't feel like encountering anything. A cheat that max level / max stat / max currencies the game. Combine that with no random encounters and old school players who played this to death in their youth and just want to relive the story can do so. Out of combat movement is much faster now. On screen controls, mifi controller enabled and air play friendly. You can literally link your device to your apple tv, link your controller to your device and enjoy this game in your living room if you so desire.

Played it to death, hardly touched the ps1 version, or never experienced it at all. Do yourself a favor and do so.

For me, this wasn't my favorite by far but it puts hope on my radar. Square has no more excuses regarding bringing 8 and 9 to us next :)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Wednesday Release Roundup

Very... very expensive week. My apple email suggests in excess of 30 dollars worth of gameplay here. This list is more than just this week, obviously I've been distracted elsewhere again lately so I'm just going to run down anything thats interested me lately and is still on my tablet.

Demon's Rise
2.99usd, 420mb download, universal.

Turn based Tactical RPG. Feels like Hunters, and both Warhammer titles love child. Plenty of potential here, little rough around the edges but nothing game breaking. RPG elements include spells, torches, pickaxes, minotaur, elves, dwarves and whatnot. Leveling up improves stats, gear is found on levels. Lots of heroes to choose from when making your party, looks like they left room for more as well.