Friday, August 21, 2015

Wednesday Release Roundup

Very... very expensive week. My apple email suggests in excess of 30 dollars worth of gameplay here. This list is more than just this week, obviously I've been distracted elsewhere again lately so I'm just going to run down anything thats interested me lately and is still on my tablet.

Demon's Rise
2.99usd, 420mb download, universal.

Turn based Tactical RPG. Feels like Hunters, and both Warhammer titles love child. Plenty of potential here, little rough around the edges but nothing game breaking. RPG elements include spells, torches, pickaxes, minotaur, elves, dwarves and whatnot. Leveling up improves stats, gear is found on levels. Lots of heroes to choose from when making your party, looks like they left room for more as well.

Pac-Man 256
Free, 103mb download, gamecenter enabled, universal.

Endless Pacman! Work you way across a never ending stage, go to slow and the glitch gets you! The yellow pocs you consume will go towards leveling up special abilities you also unlock be consuming pocs. All the ghosts in this one have traits. Pink sits still and high speed chases anything he sees till he hits a wall, hide and he wont persue. Greens travel in packs. Greys sleep till you get to close and give chase, etc. Abilities range from freezing all the ghost to slow laser beams! Only iap worth beans is the coin doubler.

Horizon Chase
2.99usd, 228mb download, gamecenter enabled, universal.

Oh my god its like a nostalgic trip down snes lane. Wasn't it Top Gear? Racing game on the snes with four cars? Sounds right. This feels like that in spades, with a whole lot of modern touch. Race series across various areas of the planet, earn a currency that unlocks vehicle upgrades as well as new vehicles themselves. Fantastic gameplay here!

Final Fantasy Portal
Free, 20mb download, gamecenter enabled, universal.

Ok the majority of this app is a news outlet for all things final fantasy on all platforms. There are games here though. Triple Triad is a card game heavily influenced by the same in Final Fantasy's 8 and 9. Final Fantasy 1, which was removed from the app store entirely a little while back, has returned and is playable from within this app. And its free if you install this and snag the game before the 31st. Only drawback is that this app requires an internet connection which means the game does too.

Tiny TrackZ
2.99usd, 69mb download, gamecenter enabled, universal.

A match'em up game involving trains. See the top bar in the above image? You need to connect the entire line in that order. This means moving and sorting and track switching and move moving and more track switching and so on and so on. Relaxing until your co-worker points out that you've spent 10 minutes on the very first starter stage and don't appear to be making any progress. Then it gets a bit less relaxing :P

Rescue: Heroes in Action
2.99usd, 283mb download, no gamecenter, univseral.

A suprisingly involving strategy game that has you directly controlling every detail of a whole range of fire/rescue 911 calls. Earn currency based on performance and spend this currency upgrading your firefighters and their vehicles. There's alot of control going on here, first stage run down : Arrived at trash barrel fire, tapped fire vehicle, dragged near fire, tapped vehicle again, tapped icons for fighters inside, tapped each one at a time, dragged near fire, tapping fire extinguisher icon. Fire out, but spread to car next to it, tapped each fighter, dragged to fire engine, choose hose for each, dragged near car, choose extinguish. Ran out of water, dragged back to fire engine. cancelled hose, dragged fire engine to within range of fire hydrant. did fighter routine to use engine, choose hydrant link, link up, refill vehicle, drive vehicle back to car (hydrant was to far away to run line), tap each fighter again grabbing hoses, finished putting out car fire.

Fun game though!


Got afew other games to mention, will do so in another post. I need to figure out a comfortable routine with my blog. I tend to hit it hard, multiple posts a day for a week then burn out. Probably going to limit myself to a few times a week, see how it goes.

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