Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Divinity: Original Sin 2

I can already see myself kicking my friends in the backside.

"This is where the trolling comes in. While Vincke’s co-worker from Larian was running around, doing deeds for a quest, Vincke decided to mess with him. First, he dribbled some poison into an otherwise perfectly normal-looking health potion and slotted it into his frenemy’s inventory. Then he put the town guards on high alert for illegal contraband, noting that he could easily acquire some and put that into his alleged ally’s inventory as well. The other Larian-er, playing a dwarf, was already number one on the guards’ suspect list due to the town’s history of racism against dwarves.
Later, he got into a battle with some mercenaries, and that’s when Vincke chose to strike. He gleefully ran to join the turn-based battle, dagger aimed right for his ally’s back. First, he attacked his friend directly, turning him into a screaming tangle of flailing limbs, beard, and fire. Then his friend went to drink the potion and, well, you can probably guess what happened next. It’s some Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck shit. Sometimes friends, sometimes foes, but you can expect a hefty dose of comedic slapstick regardless."

Hit Kickstarter, reached full funding in a matter of hours and apparently folks co-oping this one will be able to screw with eachother...

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