Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wednesday Release Roundup pt2

Round two... go!

Final Fantasy VII
15.99usd, 1.63gig download, no gamecenter, universal.

No introduction neccessary, the rpg that took rpg's to the next level is finally FINALLY on our tablets and phones. Cloud support enabled between devices. A no random encounter toggle for when you need to get to a save point fast... or just don't feel like encountering anything. A cheat that max level / max stat / max currencies the game. Combine that with no random encounters and old school players who played this to death in their youth and just want to relive the story can do so. Out of combat movement is much faster now. On screen controls, mifi controller enabled and air play friendly. You can literally link your device to your apple tv, link your controller to your device and enjoy this game in your living room if you so desire.

Played it to death, hardly touched the ps1 version, or never experienced it at all. Do yourself a favor and do so.

For me, this wasn't my favorite by far but it puts hope on my radar. Square has no more excuses regarding bringing 8 and 9 to us next :)


Apocalypse Meow
Free, 124mb download, gamecenter enabled, universal.

Top down bullet hell arcade shooter. Not sure what caught my eye on this one, must of been the upgrade system for all aspects of your ship and the multi goal tiered difficulty system for stages. In any case, really really fun romph with a really really tongue in cheek backstory. IAP comes in three forms. Coin doubler, add remover and some coin package, all resonably priced.


Mobius of Magic
2.99usd, 114mb download, no gamecenter, universal.

Exploration rpg with action touch based combat. Feels like a traditional rpg with exploration, talking, quests, gear, coin, experience, leveling up and the like until you enter combat. In combat you swipe in various directions to trigger spells when its your turn to do so and when its the enemies turn you swipe in the direction they cast to block spells and increase recharge rate of your crystals (used to case spells). Charming art style of characters, enviroments remind me of a simpler Oceanhorn.


There are more games, expect a pt3 heh. I may have been inactive with the blog (sorry) for the last month, but I've definitely been ontop of the games. There is a benefit though, half glass full sort of thing... the only games I'm adding to the blog are ones that made it past the window shopping phase of my purchasing habits heh.


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