Sunday, August 30, 2015

Space Engineers

Hey everyone, progress report in SE here! Woo! We've kinda taken a break from the dedicated server. The software keen has out right now for dedicated servers is quirky, buggy and hit or miss. Really long loading times, etc. Frustrating. The two folks on my server with me both have their own single player games running on the side so I decided to fire one up of my own.

Went with a easy start, survival with oxygen enabled.

That's what I've done so far to the platform. Built a nice little home for myself. The main floor is currently empty, will eventually add mods. On the far side, that half was intended to be a air solid hangar but I've been distracted with other projects. I love other projects :P

Basement houses everything that makes it possible to live in my home. 

I sat down finally and figured out how to play with timers and sensors! I've got star trek styled doors for my base :) Sister visits often to my single player and kept yelling at me for not closing doors and killing the oxygen system so I installed a sensor on each side of each entrance. You stand in front of it and it starts a set of timers that open and close doors to get you inside without leaking the oxygen out in to space. Fun stuff :)

Right above the cross hair... anyone else see a smiley face staring back?

And yes its not a home for me without my pride and joy present. Little sister was egging me on to let her build something so with projector I loaded a blueprint of 2.0c. Four days later, 16 hours a day later we finished the blueprint. Given the buggy nature of landing gear AND connectors of late I use merge blocks to 'dock' to the base. Benefit? Perfect parking and I can the thrusters turned off safely AND the power grid of the ship contributes to the base and back again.

Yea... she's THAT much bigger than the starting platform. Freaking love 2.0c :)

Working on a 'mk11' miner. Less drills but built on to a rotor with connectors to spit out the mined ore and collectors to pick it up and store in the main body. Something not capable on a dedicated server atm.

miner 8.0 overhauled.

SCV mk3... or 4. Don't recall exactly.

A remote welder, loads of fun for chilling inside the oxygen safe base. Bit bulky but man its handy!


So that's current progress. Whats next? Finish that hangar. Going to set up a sensor system that drains oxygen from inside the hangar, opens the door and closes it again after my smaller ships are in and then re oxygenates the place heh. Also, need to finish miner mk11. And then there is 2.0c. I've got things floating around in my head which will either turn in to a 'd' mark or a 3.0 all together.