Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Real Racing 3: Nascar!

Real Racing 3
Free, 855mb download, gamecenter enabled, universal.

Another left turn! Yee haw! And another left turn!


• Choose a team – Race alongside racing legends like Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Tony Stewart then drive your team to victory!
• Federated Auto Parts 400 - Race on the famous Richmond International Raceway.
• Become a Sprint Cup Champion - Master the art of drafting and slingshot passing before taking on a full grid of tactical high pressure rivals!
• Asterion’s Charge - Ahmed is also looking for a driver to settle a score between a rival party of Hypercars with the Asterion LPI 910-4! Find out more at the Dubai Autodrome.

Federated Auto Parts 400 is live now. Choose from four official real world race teams and over 7 days complete the series to receive the car free. Once done with the first car, choose another one and go again. Its completely possible to end up with all four cars free!

Also a new chapter is present in career mode, its all about nascar.

Also there is a new Lamborghini in game and two of the end game chapter race series have had this new car filtered in to them.

Drafting is alot of fun and nothing more fun than the Richmond international raceway with forty cars on track.

Very good update :)

Oh and note : Kotter still works fine in this update. If you don't know what Kotter is, go to myrealracing.club and wander the forms, you'll find it :)