Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The "Hey Siri" Apple Event Recap

I spent the last two odd hours hanging out on's live blog news feed of this event, they rock. What follows is what I learned from the event. (thanks to for doing this coverage you guys are top notch!)

iPad PRO
. Screen size is the size of the air 2's screen + bezel
. 2732x2048 resolution
. a9x processor
. 4:3 ratio
. 10hr battery life
. four speakers, ipad adjusts volume source based on how device is held
. 1.57lbs (.03 heavier than original ipad)
. .9mm thicker than air
. processor self throttles back based on your activities to extend battery life

Smart Cover
. built in keyboard
. three sensors on pro match up to three sensors on cover, making keyboard a part of pro

Smart Pencil
. Detects contact with pro twice as fast
. Detects angle of touch to create broad or shaded strokes
. Rechargable via lightning connector
. Fully open to developers to use as they please

Full microsoft office support for PRO and stylus.
Full Adobe support with editing program for touching up images.
Full multi task support.

Pro and accessories ship in october.

mini 2 still available, 269.00
mini 4 with air 2 internals, 399.00

Apple TV 2
. Whole new interface
. Fully built in siri
. Larger remote, top half is touch pad
. siri searches encompass all installed apps
. interactive screensaver shows day/night savers based on your time of day
. full app store functionality
. many game developers onboard already, examples :
.. galaxy on fire
.. rayman adventures
.. disney infiniti
.. activision is bringing a guitar hero to apple tv
.. shadowmatic
.. playkids
.. airbnb
.. zillow
.. crossy road
. full multiplayer between apple tv and other apple devices
. full cloud save support between all apple devices
. Gilt shopping is coming to apple tv

32gb apple tv 149
64gb apple tv 199

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
. New pink color
. 7k series improved alunimum
. stronger glass
. 3d touch interface, holding finger on screen produces different results based on length of contact. kinda like right clicking an icon on your pc desktop and seeing a popup of options.
. touch edge of screen, swipe left or right to quickly switch between apps
. a9 processor, 70% faster than outgoing models
. siri is always on and always listening for you to say 'hey siri...'
. 12mp isight camera. 50% more pixels than outgoing model, faster auto focus, etc.
. full hd/4k video taking
. 8million pixels per frame
. 5mp hd facetime camera
. can use 3d touch to take videos behind/within a photo to product 'harry potter newspaper/photo' effects
. Android is getting a app that assists android owners with their migration to iphones (confident..much?)

Apple upgrade program with unlocked freakin phone holy crap -runs around in circles-

24 monthly payments. 27 a month for a 6s, 31 a month for 6s plus. choose your carrier at time of purchase, phone is unlocked from start. includes applecare+. (damnnnn it im stuck for another 12 months in a 199 att contract! argh!)

Other noteworthies
. iOS9 (i call it the multi-task update) hits 16th September
. new icloud pricing. 50gb for .99 a month, 200gb for 2.99, 1tb for 9.99