Saturday, January 31, 2015

End of Month Roundup

This is another thing I'm going to try out. End of month recap on what games came out that are still on my iPad and am enjoying them. Of course this makes the post I just made earlier today too new so those will be looked in to at the end of February.

We had alot of really good games hit this month, a whole lot of god premium titles at that.

Space Marshals
2.99usd, universal, 187mb download.
On sale, get it if you haven't! This game is still installed and I'm completely enjoying it. With the exception of two missions, Space Marshals awards stealth and a steady approach over blitzing. I love that I can re-do completed missions and each time I do I get to choose one of the pieces of gear reward that I didn't choose previously. Sometime in the next week or two we should be getting the first content update, free which progresses the story! Get it!

Hero Emblems
3.99usd, universal, 96mb download.
Still installed and occasionally playing. The game feels high end grindy lately and I've lots of other games distracting me at the moment.

Plancon: Space Conflict
2.99usd, universal, 369mb download.
Still installed, haven't played since first night though.

Dragon Quest V
14.99usd, universal 179mb download.
Still installed and enjoying, I mostly play this one on the way to and from work when it isn't my carpool time to drive.

Uninstalled. Felt buggy, often times he woke up still with no life left, or spent an entire day staring at greyed out medical rooms. Alarm fussed with me, honestly this game just... became a chore. Uninstalled.


Game of the Month
I'll discuss this weeks games next month after they've been on my ipad for abit. But for the games above, my game of the month? Space Marshals! I love the visuals, controls, story is hilarious, great npc banter, there's more story coming, lots and lots of gear to collect. I love the stealth, long range kills, this game is fantastic!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekly Recommendations

Hey everyone, new week, several new games added. Expensive week and none of these games are small in download size, consider yourself warned!

4.99usd, universal, no gamecenter, 436mb download.

Whats it about?
Futuristic action rpg from the makers of Ravensword 1 and 2! Game play itself reminds me of shadowgun with talent's to spend, experience, level ups, weapon upgrades, vehicles and a hell of alot of scenery to run around in. Shoot things, loot them, teleporters, quest lines, plenty to do. Early opinion on TA's forums suggests a very short main story and lacking amount of side things to do but these developers have an excellent track record of supporting games and adding on to them over time. Money well spent if you like futuristic shooters.

Playworld Superheroes
3.99usd, universal, no gamecenter, 300mb download.

Whats it about?
Did you ever as a kid imagine yourself a super hero? Your backyard or nearby tree fort was your base of operations? Want to relive that? You are literally a kid with a really active imagination in this one. As a kid you explore your backyard and tree fort, finding pieces of stuff you use to make your super hero costume... which is made out of cardboard heh. You can color the cardboard how ever you like and amazingly when you go in to missions the color patterns translate on to the real suit. Oh and on that, when you do missions the kid goes from backyard cardboard to super mega city mega man inspired costume fighting sky scrapper sized monsters and whatnot.

Combat is a blend of infinity blade and epoch. Definitely get this one!

Radiation Island
2.99usd, universal, gamecenter enabled, 746mb download.

Whats it about?
Survival exploration on a island, the intro is reAAAALLllyy interesting. Plays / feels like minecraft on visual steroids. Doesn't look like we'll be digging holes in the ground or building walls though. Very very nice game, I've already placed a campfire outside a house I've set up shop in. Boomerang for attacking unpleasant stuff. Following the quest tab in my journal building things. Everything seems to respawn so I'm living off pineapples off the beach heh.

Disney Infinity: Toybox 2.0
Free, universal, no gamecenter, 3.8gig download!

Whats it about?
Action plat former in Disney world now with marvel characters. Uses those action figures you find in stores to unlock characters. Still grasping at this one to be honest, hoping it has controller support. Something of note, this game is the single largest pre install download in the history of the app store at a size of 3.8gigs! Which is also interesting because until this past Wednesday apple had a 2gig cap download. Imagine if this sticks permanently... yes!

And those are my new games, enjoy!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekly Recommendations

Two new games this week, and one that I prefer to only play on my iphone... rare indeed.

Dragon Quest V
14.99usd, 179mb download, universal, no gamecenter.

Why I recommend it
I've been playing dragon quest games since 7th grade, my addiction to this franchise pre dates final fantasy even. I played 1 thru 4 back in my youth. I played 7 and most of 8 as an adult when they came out on the PlayStation. But I never ever got to play 5 and 6 because they never launched on a platform that I owned at the time of release, pretty sure neither originally came to the states for that matter. But here 5 is, woot!

Turn based old school rpg here folks, plenty of grinding to do and a really really long storyline. Lots of things we're used to now a days aren't present. No talent trees, no map, just a very important requirement to actually talk to everyone and a whole lot of putting 2 and 2 together throughout. Actually very rewarding as a result. Like 4, 5 is a direct port of the Nintendo DS release so its got '3d' graphics for better (worse in my opinion. give me 8's graphics or give me 3/2/1's please).


dreeps: alarm playing game
2.99usd, 59mb download, universal, no gamecenter.

Why I recommend it
If you've ever played godville, you know fully well what to expect here. If you haven't... this is probably going to be the least interactive game you ever ever play. The main character of this game is a robot boy, blonde hair. What does he do? He goes out and explores. He kills any monsters he encounters, gains experience and levels up from this. He encounters npcs, talks to them for abit but you don't understand a word said. Its not your job to do so. Your only job is to put him to bed, wake him up and if you like occasionally tap on him for a quick heal when he's been kicked around.

Sound boring? For many it will be. But it is pretty nice knowing that if I wake him up and set him on his routine when I wake up each day, for my entire day he will probably be more productive at what he does than I am at what I do. I can check in on him from time to time. Listen to the games background music as I do other things. The visuals are charming and the interface... what there is of it works fine.

I'm level... -checks quickly- level 3, 50 exp from level 4.

Other releases, and there were plenty can be found over on toucharcade or on your appshopper app if you know where to look. o7

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Space Engineers

2.0 is done! -rings bells, confetti drops from the sky, fireworks light up the three day long cookout celebration!-

Honestly though, didn't think it would get finished. I was fussing over how the inside of the main body would work and because I couldn't decide what I was going to do with it I kept getting distracted by changing other areas of the damn ship. I mentioned that this ship was becoming the equivalent to my father's 15 year long project car when I was growing up and then I got some simple advice from a facebook friend who said "Finish the ship, then change it later. That's why car manufacturers have 'facelifts' all the time."

So, she's finished though really bone bare. No mods present on the ship as of yet but we have over 30 mods installed on the server so she'll flesh out, but whats important is that the ship is complete, space worthy and fully self sufficient.

Since taking those photo's I've also built in a medical room. And... since I'm ever restless and always changing things here is a preview of the vandalism I'm doing to the head of this ship...



Now Playing: Viscera Cleanup Detail

Ohhh the life of a janitor. You silly gun folk shoot things, blow up stuff, leave body parts everywhere. You use up all our medical kits, you somehow put blood splatter and bullet holes on the ceiling. Ahh well, job security.

One sentence description of Viscera Cleanup Detail for those not in the know : In VCD you play the role of a janitor in a first person shooter non combat game, your role is to clean up after the hero has already gone through a stage and this means moping up blood, cleaning up body's, disposing of waste, patching bullet holes, and more all just so you can receive a paycheck.

Fantastic game btw. Has steam workshop support now, there's a dozen or so player made maps on the shop. I haven't played the game in afew months so am starting from the top of the official stages list the game comes with and working my way down. Last time I played there were four stages, now there's a good dozen or so.


First stage accomplished, sewers. Missed afew things but got my promotion (ie, did good job).

When you complete a stage btw you a returned to your janitors office. In there in the main room you will find paper notes for good things you did and news paper articles for things you missed. There is a unspecified forgiveness count for things missed and I've never done a 100% according to that little scanner that always seems to have minor fluctuations no matter how much I clean. Oh well, a promotion works for me :)

Second stage, A under water facility complete. They were eating by sea men of some sort.

Off to stage three now, Athena. A new complexity to this one, there are large yellow blocks painted on the ground that want certain things stacked only in them and no where else. There's also a mobile elevator unit, sweet! Will need it, the main 'hall' of this stage is about three stories tall. So... lots of vertical cleaning but nicely the horizontal areas are nicely spread out messes. Not like the sewers or underwater facility that were one non stop blood trail. Thing I like about Athena so far? Its REALLY well lit, no need for spotlight placement to see well heh.


Just finished cleaning Athena! Promotion! Employee of the Quarter! win! Flawless performance woo hoo!

Keeping myself entertained, up on one of the ledges I found a rather messy amount of human remains. Decided to make a mess on the ground level by tossing the body parts off the ledge. On other ledges I made a further sport of it by placing a hazmat container on ground level and started trying to drop things in to the container.

My congratulatory notices for employee of the month.

And my photo on the wall :)

Entering the next stage, I recall this one well. It was the very very first stage I ever played, way back when I bought this game about a year ago. And now I understand why I literally 'got fired' after I 'finished' that job. Didn't know I could open doors back then hahah! -facepalm- Bullet holes everywhere....Yea, alot's changed :)

They've expanded on this stage. Areas to place crates, even more doors than I remember. Sweet! This used to be literally the smallest stage they had to offer, much larger now...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Space Engineers
Finished 2.0... amazing being able to say that! Full crew quarters, dining, recreation, engineering, a second battlebridge built in deep in the main body, very very proud of her :) -pondering 3.0 already-

Viscera Cleanup Detail
-whistles while he carries a human chest to the furnace, mops up where the poor soul had been hiding in this sewer system and then empties the bloodied water bucket- This game, never ever gets old. Haven't played it in afew months and in that time they've doubled the available content so I'm highly entertained right now :)

Stages are very involving and a fantastic time passer by. Just finished the sewer stage, small stage at that and it took me about 3 hours heh. Cleaned up all human and alien blood, disposed of all body parts, patched bullet holes, organized all crates and barrels, cleaned up plenty of spilt water buckets and hazmat containers -whistles, looks other way at those messes-

After all that work, I'm returned to the janitors office to find out I... missed a bullet hole somewhere, missed a blood splot too but all in all I got a promotion for excellent service... and a threat from co-workers who are jealous :P

Angry Birds Transformers
Got a update last week that actually feels like a balanced iap system, finally! Unlocking new areas simply requires a level requirement, no more coin cost to open. The farmable spots seem to pay more frequently, stages are entertaining as always. You can now bomb stages you just can't get past. Noticed afew new mechanics randomly showing up on stages, pigs popping out of grass/water and shooting for example, entertaining heh! There still is no cloud save and last time I played I had uninstalled in anger over the iap hell, so now I have to start fresh. I'm already level 51 so making very very quick progress.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weekly Recommendations

Picked up one new game this week. Note, there are lots of other games that do come out each week, I'm just a bit frugal of late and selective of my grabs. The toucharcade link on the right nicely highlights Wednesday night releases and its where I surf when making my selections for the most part. I also hit the apple app store Thursday afternoon, by then they have their game section updated with new spotlights, new releases and new updates.

Plancon: Space Conflict
2.99usd, universal, 369mb download, gamecenter enabled.

Why I recommend it
This one's a top down point click... rpg... shooter... thingie. The story is straight forward, aliens arrived, kicked us around, we're scattered and every capable pilot is important to the cause of humanity, including you. After your training station is exploded by some passer by aliens (that you consequently explode in return) you head to Venus headquarters and the story goes from there. You'll be hauling things, killing things, hiring crew, buying new ships, buying/equipping equipment, upgrading everything, there really is always something to do here. Controls are actually nice. Its top down for starters and while yes you can use an analog stick to pilot I actually enjoy the double tap system. Game pauses at start of combat, you assign weapons to targets, double tap to begin. your ship and theirs do a space dance around each other while shooting up a storm till either you or they bite the dust.

There is challenge to this one too. After completing the tutorial I set course from earth to Venus. Half way through warp I was dropped out in to a random encounter that very quickly made space debris of me. Note, save often.

Voice work is largely non present, music is decent. Plenty of text conversation in the game to read, most of it is decently translated though I do get a chuckle out of some mistranslations here and there.

IAP, everything in the market has a in game and out of game currency option except stations which are strictly purchased with real money. Accomplishing achievements earns real money currency as reward. Since all equipment in the game is in game purchase friendly, this iap system so far doesn't offend.

Feels like a bit of space miner, some free lancer tossed in. I'm enjoying it so far.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Space Engineers

Success from tragedy!

Monday morning around 3am I decided to change the skybox to this reallllly cool one I had stumbled across, especially since I was tired of the sand earth color of the current one. I changed that one line of code, hit restart server and... spent the next four hours trying to get the server to run. Took the files from the server on to my computer, tried launching it as a single player game, World File Corrupt. Finally fell asleep at about 9am.

I woke up at about 2pm, tried afew more things before tossing in the towel and declaring all loss. I loaded up a random save file and it happened to be the very most recent backup I had made on Dec 19th, right before exploration hit. 2.0, 1.0 were there, so was the Ark and both my and my sisters bases minus asteroids. Tried placing the asteroid around my base and got the same error as always but for some reason this time I pondered the "Can not place Asteroid In Ships..." part of it.

I spent the next 3 hours placing objects and noting if I could bury them in a small default asteroid or not. Anytime I found one I couldn't I would go over to my base and make sure there was none of that block present. In the end?

Had to remove 6 pistons
Had to remove 9 heavy armor blocks
Had to remove the blast doors that were now free floating due to piston removal

Success! The asteroid is cradling the base again, oh thank god and sweet baby Jesus! Little sister logged on to my game and we did the same process to her base, asteroid back. Emotional moment, for real. We have back our original bases from when we first started playing in august.

For now I'm hosting the game and we are making sure every things rap tight in both bases and making sure all asteroids are in good places, all ships, everything is ready. Game is in creative mode for easy of work and there definitely was a good bit of work needed on little sisters base. Reason? She did alot of custom tunnel work and then built in those tunnels. When I placed the asteroid, I tried to be as accurate as I could but its impossible to put the asteroid back EXACTLY where it was prior to the asteroid migration incident. And then there's all the custom tunnel and rooms. Good news? In creative mode its very easy to dig out those tunnels and rooms. Plus all the base blocks are behind the dirt so its actually kind of like archeology following and digging.

To be honest, from Dec 19 to this past Sunday we made very very little progress with ships, fiddled around with a small base, we were both still sorely missing our old bases so the loss of the server files wasn't very painful. And any pain present was completely forgotten about the moment we stepped back in to our real homes :)

Any who, my base is ready to return to server and switch back to survival. Sister is working hers which is a bit more involving so I decided to actually make progress on 2.0.

The existing neck looked too fragile and out of place so I removed it after adding four 'struts' that sit two squares further out on each side than the original neck. Second photo is of me building the 'catwalk and wrapping the conveyor line that connects head to body in armor.

Second step, built a complete glass tunnel the exact size of the original neck.

Reworked the front half of the hangar bay to the neck. Better flow, more room inside now.

The new outside view of the hangar bay.

Lots of photos of today's work from the inside of the ship. New neck, new hangar bay (complete hangar bay). No photos of the main stair well connecting this main level and top level bridge / bottom level rec area yet. The stair well is coming along nicely but I want to clean it up a bit more first.

The following photos are of the asteroid belt, our homes returned, good panoramic stuff. Enjoy :)

God it feels good to be home :)