Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Now Playing: Viscera Cleanup Detail

Ohhh the life of a janitor. You silly gun folk shoot things, blow up stuff, leave body parts everywhere. You use up all our medical kits, you somehow put blood splatter and bullet holes on the ceiling. Ahh well, job security.

One sentence description of Viscera Cleanup Detail for those not in the know : In VCD you play the role of a janitor in a first person shooter non combat game, your role is to clean up after the hero has already gone through a stage and this means moping up blood, cleaning up body's, disposing of waste, patching bullet holes, and more all just so you can receive a paycheck.

Fantastic game btw. Has steam workshop support now, there's a dozen or so player made maps on the shop. I haven't played the game in afew months so am starting from the top of the official stages list the game comes with and working my way down. Last time I played there were four stages, now there's a good dozen or so.


First stage accomplished, sewers. Missed afew things but got my promotion (ie, did good job).

When you complete a stage btw you a returned to your janitors office. In there in the main room you will find paper notes for good things you did and news paper articles for things you missed. There is a unspecified forgiveness count for things missed and I've never done a 100% according to that little scanner that always seems to have minor fluctuations no matter how much I clean. Oh well, a promotion works for me :)

Second stage, A under water facility complete. They were eating by sea men of some sort.

Off to stage three now, Athena. A new complexity to this one, there are large yellow blocks painted on the ground that want certain things stacked only in them and no where else. There's also a mobile elevator unit, sweet! Will need it, the main 'hall' of this stage is about three stories tall. So... lots of vertical cleaning but nicely the horizontal areas are nicely spread out messes. Not like the sewers or underwater facility that were one non stop blood trail. Thing I like about Athena so far? Its REALLY well lit, no need for spotlight placement to see well heh.


Just finished cleaning Athena! Promotion! Employee of the Quarter! win! Flawless performance woo hoo!

Keeping myself entertained, up on one of the ledges I found a rather messy amount of human remains. Decided to make a mess on the ground level by tossing the body parts off the ledge. On other ledges I made a further sport of it by placing a hazmat container on ground level and started trying to drop things in to the container.

My congratulatory notices for employee of the month.

And my photo on the wall :)

Entering the next stage, I recall this one well. It was the very very first stage I ever played, way back when I bought this game about a year ago. And now I understand why I literally 'got fired' after I 'finished' that job. Didn't know I could open doors back then hahah! -facepalm- Bullet holes everywhere....Yea, alot's changed :)

They've expanded on this stage. Areas to place crates, even more doors than I remember. Sweet! This used to be literally the smallest stage they had to offer, much larger now...

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