Saturday, January 31, 2015

End of Month Roundup

This is another thing I'm going to try out. End of month recap on what games came out that are still on my iPad and am enjoying them. Of course this makes the post I just made earlier today too new so those will be looked in to at the end of February.

We had alot of really good games hit this month, a whole lot of god premium titles at that.

Space Marshals
2.99usd, universal, 187mb download.
On sale, get it if you haven't! This game is still installed and I'm completely enjoying it. With the exception of two missions, Space Marshals awards stealth and a steady approach over blitzing. I love that I can re-do completed missions and each time I do I get to choose one of the pieces of gear reward that I didn't choose previously. Sometime in the next week or two we should be getting the first content update, free which progresses the story! Get it!

Hero Emblems
3.99usd, universal, 96mb download.
Still installed and occasionally playing. The game feels high end grindy lately and I've lots of other games distracting me at the moment.

Plancon: Space Conflict
2.99usd, universal, 369mb download.
Still installed, haven't played since first night though.

Dragon Quest V
14.99usd, universal 179mb download.
Still installed and enjoying, I mostly play this one on the way to and from work when it isn't my carpool time to drive.

Uninstalled. Felt buggy, often times he woke up still with no life left, or spent an entire day staring at greyed out medical rooms. Alarm fussed with me, honestly this game just... became a chore. Uninstalled.


Game of the Month
I'll discuss this weeks games next month after they've been on my ipad for abit. But for the games above, my game of the month? Space Marshals! I love the visuals, controls, story is hilarious, great npc banter, there's more story coming, lots and lots of gear to collect. I love the stealth, long range kills, this game is fantastic!

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