Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Space Engineers

2.0 is done! -rings bells, confetti drops from the sky, fireworks light up the three day long cookout celebration!-

Honestly though, didn't think it would get finished. I was fussing over how the inside of the main body would work and because I couldn't decide what I was going to do with it I kept getting distracted by changing other areas of the damn ship. I mentioned that this ship was becoming the equivalent to my father's 15 year long project car when I was growing up and then I got some simple advice from a facebook friend who said "Finish the ship, then change it later. That's why car manufacturers have 'facelifts' all the time."

So, she's finished though really bone bare. No mods present on the ship as of yet but we have over 30 mods installed on the server so she'll flesh out, but whats important is that the ship is complete, space worthy and fully self sufficient.

Since taking those photo's I've also built in a medical room. And... since I'm ever restless and always changing things here is a preview of the vandalism I'm doing to the head of this ship...



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