Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weekly Recommendations

Picked up one new game this week. Note, there are lots of other games that do come out each week, I'm just a bit frugal of late and selective of my grabs. The toucharcade link on the right nicely highlights Wednesday night releases and its where I surf when making my selections for the most part. I also hit the apple app store Thursday afternoon, by then they have their game section updated with new spotlights, new releases and new updates.

Plancon: Space Conflict
2.99usd, universal, 369mb download, gamecenter enabled.

Why I recommend it
This one's a top down point click... rpg... shooter... thingie. The story is straight forward, aliens arrived, kicked us around, we're scattered and every capable pilot is important to the cause of humanity, including you. After your training station is exploded by some passer by aliens (that you consequently explode in return) you head to Venus headquarters and the story goes from there. You'll be hauling things, killing things, hiring crew, buying new ships, buying/equipping equipment, upgrading everything, there really is always something to do here. Controls are actually nice. Its top down for starters and while yes you can use an analog stick to pilot I actually enjoy the double tap system. Game pauses at start of combat, you assign weapons to targets, double tap to begin. your ship and theirs do a space dance around each other while shooting up a storm till either you or they bite the dust.

There is challenge to this one too. After completing the tutorial I set course from earth to Venus. Half way through warp I was dropped out in to a random encounter that very quickly made space debris of me. Note, save often.

Voice work is largely non present, music is decent. Plenty of text conversation in the game to read, most of it is decently translated though I do get a chuckle out of some mistranslations here and there.

IAP, everything in the market has a in game and out of game currency option except stations which are strictly purchased with real money. Accomplishing achievements earns real money currency as reward. Since all equipment in the game is in game purchase friendly, this iap system so far doesn't offend.

Feels like a bit of space miner, some free lancer tossed in. I'm enjoying it so far.

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