Saturday, January 10, 2015

Weekly Recommendations

Going to try a different spin on what I did last year. Instead of listing every single game even remotely interesting each week, I'm going to select my games, play them and if I like them then I'll post them. Save afew steps, just means you all won't hear from me on the Wednesday releases till Friday or Saturday at the latest. Let me know if you'd like it back the other way.

I grabbed afew games this week, here are the two I am enjoying at the moment.

Hero Emblems
2.99usd, universal, no gamecenter, 97mb download, no IAP.

Why I recommend it
Well for starters its match 3 and that's the life blood of my co-worker who will snap if I don't. heheh. But that aside, its a really really well done match 3 title with lots of rpg and lots of story to it. You have four heroes, each has a specific skill set and a corresponding emblem on the match board. Need some healing? match up healer emblems. Your armor a bit low? Match its emblem. I really like chaining 4 and 5 and more groups because your heroes just go crazy up there wailing as their symbols match up, its a very very rewarding experience anyone who likes match 3 games will be familiar with and this game rewards with explosions and sword swishing and enemy dieing. Traveling on the map reminds me of old board games where you move along lines to check points where events can and usually do occur. Towns sell equipment and emblems, experience points grant level ups, the only slight seen on this game so far for me is the poor translation but for some reason I'm even enjoying that :)

Great graphics, controls spot on, good sound, highly recommend. This one even took game of the week over at toucharcade.  I'll probably end up blogging on this one again as I progress further.


Space Marshals
4.99usd, universal, gamecenter enabled, 187mb download, no IAP.

Why I recommend it
Top down dual stick tactical shooter rpg-lite. Really, that's why heh. Its my type of game. Its a dual stick shooter but not your simple bland spam bullets across the stage type. You can aim, hide, stealth around, set traps, etc. Good story and narrative, controls are great too. Walk up to a loot able crate and your movement icon changes accordingly. Interface is very easy to work with, nice toss lines appear when playing with grenades and whatnot. Lots of voice over to enjoy in this one and the characters are all full of personality. From what I gather the space marshal (you) got put in prison for... I'm guessing over aggressiveness in the line of duty because when the prisoners take over the ship and escape to a planet leaving the ship derelict, the ships AI awakens you and several other folk reinstating their ranks and assigning them roles. As marshal, your primary job is to shoot and kill things. You have a navigator and a pilot I've seen so far. Once on the planet the AI coordinates everyone in to a base setup and it looks like I'll be stage based romphing around the planet dealing with prisoners who aren't likely to come along willingly.

Very western vibe here.

So, great controls, good graphics, great sound, no iap, definitely recommend this one.


Those are the two I suggest you invest time / wallet in to. I'm pretty sure you'll find both money well spent.


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