Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekly Recommendations

Hey everyone, new week, several new games added. Expensive week and none of these games are small in download size, consider yourself warned!

4.99usd, universal, no gamecenter, 436mb download.

Whats it about?
Futuristic action rpg from the makers of Ravensword 1 and 2! Game play itself reminds me of shadowgun with talent's to spend, experience, level ups, weapon upgrades, vehicles and a hell of alot of scenery to run around in. Shoot things, loot them, teleporters, quest lines, plenty to do. Early opinion on TA's forums suggests a very short main story and lacking amount of side things to do but these developers have an excellent track record of supporting games and adding on to them over time. Money well spent if you like futuristic shooters.

Playworld Superheroes
3.99usd, universal, no gamecenter, 300mb download.

Whats it about?
Did you ever as a kid imagine yourself a super hero? Your backyard or nearby tree fort was your base of operations? Want to relive that? You are literally a kid with a really active imagination in this one. As a kid you explore your backyard and tree fort, finding pieces of stuff you use to make your super hero costume... which is made out of cardboard heh. You can color the cardboard how ever you like and amazingly when you go in to missions the color patterns translate on to the real suit. Oh and on that, when you do missions the kid goes from backyard cardboard to super mega city mega man inspired costume fighting sky scrapper sized monsters and whatnot.

Combat is a blend of infinity blade and epoch. Definitely get this one!

Radiation Island
2.99usd, universal, gamecenter enabled, 746mb download.

Whats it about?
Survival exploration on a island, the intro is reAAAALLllyy interesting. Plays / feels like minecraft on visual steroids. Doesn't look like we'll be digging holes in the ground or building walls though. Very very nice game, I've already placed a campfire outside a house I've set up shop in. Boomerang for attacking unpleasant stuff. Following the quest tab in my journal building things. Everything seems to respawn so I'm living off pineapples off the beach heh.

Disney Infinity: Toybox 2.0
Free, universal, no gamecenter, 3.8gig download!

Whats it about?
Action plat former in Disney world now with marvel characters. Uses those action figures you find in stores to unlock characters. Still grasping at this one to be honest, hoping it has controller support. Something of note, this game is the single largest pre install download in the history of the app store at a size of 3.8gigs! Which is also interesting because until this past Wednesday apple had a 2gig cap download. Imagine if this sticks permanently... yes!

And those are my new games, enjoy!

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