Saturday, January 10, 2015

Space Engineers

Mods! Skybox's! 2.0 progress! Woo!

Took down the server for update two weeks back, decided to put it to use by surfing the workshop again. Tripled the amount of mods we are using, got lots of kewl toys heh. I changed the skybox twice. Went with a massive sun, but it was just overkill so settled on more subtle instead. Three following shots are old, sun, current.

The sun and current ones, soooo nice and bright. Hardly need to use lighting anywhere now. Saves so much hastle. There are ALOT more mods added and I'll photo them as I put them to use around the base but for now, 2.0 is my focus. She went under quite abit of an overhaul, sister is calling her 2.1 now heheh.

Without a doubt the single largest mod would also be the single largest object in the game. A Titan engine. This thing... well pictures suffice better than I describe. I'll just say it has more thrust than all the previous 'large' and 'small' thrusters combined and with four large reactors running she sits at 80% energy use when going full forward. And this engine is literally the length of the main body of 2.0. Epic :)

I've decided to move the hangar. And make two of them apparently, one on each side of the titan engine. Better use of space to be honest. Each of these hangars is slightly larger than the original one in the neck of 2.0.

And with the neck hangar no longer necessary I've closed it up and added a weapon port on each side.

The space previously used as the necks hangar bay is now home to four large cargo containers. 5 million total cargo space. Win!

Just behind the cargo containers is the back steel plate for the titan engine. I like it somewhat so that area is also now the main corridor linking the main level of this ship with the bridge and lower observation deck.

Two more top and bottom thrusters for better vertical control. Looking good :)

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