Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekly Recommendations

Two new games this week, and one that I prefer to only play on my iphone... rare indeed.

Dragon Quest V
14.99usd, 179mb download, universal, no gamecenter.

Why I recommend it
I've been playing dragon quest games since 7th grade, my addiction to this franchise pre dates final fantasy even. I played 1 thru 4 back in my youth. I played 7 and most of 8 as an adult when they came out on the PlayStation. But I never ever got to play 5 and 6 because they never launched on a platform that I owned at the time of release, pretty sure neither originally came to the states for that matter. But here 5 is, woot!

Turn based old school rpg here folks, plenty of grinding to do and a really really long storyline. Lots of things we're used to now a days aren't present. No talent trees, no map, just a very important requirement to actually talk to everyone and a whole lot of putting 2 and 2 together throughout. Actually very rewarding as a result. Like 4, 5 is a direct port of the Nintendo DS release so its got '3d' graphics for better (worse in my opinion. give me 8's graphics or give me 3/2/1's please).


dreeps: alarm playing game
2.99usd, 59mb download, universal, no gamecenter.

Why I recommend it
If you've ever played godville, you know fully well what to expect here. If you haven't... this is probably going to be the least interactive game you ever ever play. The main character of this game is a robot boy, blonde hair. What does he do? He goes out and explores. He kills any monsters he encounters, gains experience and levels up from this. He encounters npcs, talks to them for abit but you don't understand a word said. Its not your job to do so. Your only job is to put him to bed, wake him up and if you like occasionally tap on him for a quick heal when he's been kicked around.

Sound boring? For many it will be. But it is pretty nice knowing that if I wake him up and set him on his routine when I wake up each day, for my entire day he will probably be more productive at what he does than I am at what I do. I can check in on him from time to time. Listen to the games background music as I do other things. The visuals are charming and the interface... what there is of it works fine.

I'm level... -checks quickly- level 3, 50 exp from level 4.

Other releases, and there were plenty can be found over on toucharcade or on your appshopper app if you know where to look. o7

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