Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Space Engineers

Success from tragedy!

Monday morning around 3am I decided to change the skybox to this reallllly cool one I had stumbled across, especially since I was tired of the sand earth color of the current one. I changed that one line of code, hit restart server and... spent the next four hours trying to get the server to run. Took the files from the server on to my computer, tried launching it as a single player game, World File Corrupt. Finally fell asleep at about 9am.

I woke up at about 2pm, tried afew more things before tossing in the towel and declaring all loss. I loaded up a random save file and it happened to be the very most recent backup I had made on Dec 19th, right before exploration hit. 2.0, 1.0 were there, so was the Ark and both my and my sisters bases minus asteroids. Tried placing the asteroid around my base and got the same error as always but for some reason this time I pondered the "Can not place Asteroid In Ships..." part of it.

I spent the next 3 hours placing objects and noting if I could bury them in a small default asteroid or not. Anytime I found one I couldn't I would go over to my base and make sure there was none of that block present. In the end?

Had to remove 6 pistons
Had to remove 9 heavy armor blocks
Had to remove the blast doors that were now free floating due to piston removal

Success! The asteroid is cradling the base again, oh thank god and sweet baby Jesus! Little sister logged on to my game and we did the same process to her base, asteroid back. Emotional moment, for real. We have back our original bases from when we first started playing in august.

For now I'm hosting the game and we are making sure every things rap tight in both bases and making sure all asteroids are in good places, all ships, everything is ready. Game is in creative mode for easy of work and there definitely was a good bit of work needed on little sisters base. Reason? She did alot of custom tunnel work and then built in those tunnels. When I placed the asteroid, I tried to be as accurate as I could but its impossible to put the asteroid back EXACTLY where it was prior to the asteroid migration incident. And then there's all the custom tunnel and rooms. Good news? In creative mode its very easy to dig out those tunnels and rooms. Plus all the base blocks are behind the dirt so its actually kind of like archeology following and digging.

To be honest, from Dec 19 to this past Sunday we made very very little progress with ships, fiddled around with a small base, we were both still sorely missing our old bases so the loss of the server files wasn't very painful. And any pain present was completely forgotten about the moment we stepped back in to our real homes :)

Any who, my base is ready to return to server and switch back to survival. Sister is working hers which is a bit more involving so I decided to actually make progress on 2.0.

The existing neck looked too fragile and out of place so I removed it after adding four 'struts' that sit two squares further out on each side than the original neck. Second photo is of me building the 'catwalk and wrapping the conveyor line that connects head to body in armor.

Second step, built a complete glass tunnel the exact size of the original neck.

Reworked the front half of the hangar bay to the neck. Better flow, more room inside now.

The new outside view of the hangar bay.

Lots of photos of today's work from the inside of the ship. New neck, new hangar bay (complete hangar bay). No photos of the main stair well connecting this main level and top level bridge / bottom level rec area yet. The stair well is coming along nicely but I want to clean it up a bit more first.

The following photos are of the asteroid belt, our homes returned, good panoramic stuff. Enjoy :)

God it feels good to be home :)

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