Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Space Engineers
Finished 2.0... amazing being able to say that! Full crew quarters, dining, recreation, engineering, a second battlebridge built in deep in the main body, very very proud of her :) -pondering 3.0 already-

Viscera Cleanup Detail
-whistles while he carries a human chest to the furnace, mops up where the poor soul had been hiding in this sewer system and then empties the bloodied water bucket- This game, never ever gets old. Haven't played it in afew months and in that time they've doubled the available content so I'm highly entertained right now :)

Stages are very involving and a fantastic time passer by. Just finished the sewer stage, small stage at that and it took me about 3 hours heh. Cleaned up all human and alien blood, disposed of all body parts, patched bullet holes, organized all crates and barrels, cleaned up plenty of spilt water buckets and hazmat containers -whistles, looks other way at those messes-

After all that work, I'm returned to the janitors office to find out I... missed a bullet hole somewhere, missed a blood splot too but all in all I got a promotion for excellent service... and a threat from co-workers who are jealous :P

Angry Birds Transformers
Got a update last week that actually feels like a balanced iap system, finally! Unlocking new areas simply requires a level requirement, no more coin cost to open. The farmable spots seem to pay more frequently, stages are entertaining as always. You can now bomb stages you just can't get past. Noticed afew new mechanics randomly showing up on stages, pigs popping out of grass/water and shooting for example, entertaining heh! There still is no cloud save and last time I played I had uninstalled in anger over the iap hell, so now I have to start fresh. I'm already level 51 so making very very quick progress.

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