Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wednesday Release Roundup pt3

Continuing game catch up, here's pt3. Note, I'm going to stop calling it "Wednesday Release Roundup" once I catch myself up. It suggests a deadline for me making these posts. New name will be "Weekly Release Roundup" or somesuch. I'm also feeling settled in on the good art of rambling so expect there to be more content from these posts heh.

On to the games!

Loot & Legends
Free, 73mb download, no gamecenter, iPad only.

A strong oldschool dnd board game, this one possesses! Turn based tactical rpg, kill things, loot things, level up. This one is a card battler so at the start of each fight you will have a random selection of cards to use and each time you and the npc both 'pass' you start a new game round receiving new random cards on top of what you already had. Your possible cards are determined by the gear you equip your three heroes with.

The iap is more typical in flavor and is the purchasing of pizza. Packages range from 4 to 99 dollars. Pizza is used to buy loot chests of rare and epic quality as well as paying your way in to time limited loot club membership that increases the quality of your loot. This member ship comes in various subscription lengths, each costing accordingly increasing amounts of pizza. Don't want to drop cash? Nothing in this game prevents you from playing and completing it. You can repeat stages for additional cash and loot(random loot) and ingame cash is spend on the uncommon loot chest in the shop.

Fun game, not as involving as some of the turn based rts'ers out there right now but not entirely too simple either. And the whole dnd board table vibe with mid adventure as well as inbetween adventure banter between the player, the dm, his brother and the pizza chick are priceless :) I laughed when the big brother took the game away from the little brother (your dm/narrator, big brother owns the game) and the next few stages the mission descriptions were written out in crayon, the hero characters on the board were masken tapped to chess pieces, priceless :)


Galactic Keep
3.99usd, 382mb download, gamecenter enabled, universal.

Going to be honest here, I don't think I'll make too much progress with this one. It feels like a real solid turn based rpg but the art style... the desktop art style messes with my eyes for some reason. I do like what I did play of it though. Full on rpg, gear, levels, hit points, etc, etc. Heavily story driven and excellently narrated.


Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon
4.99usd, 616mb download, gamecenter enabled, universal.

A game about being a spider and eating bugs. No, really thats what this ones about! Spin your webs, catch bugs, eat them. All bugs have different mechnics. Some you need to bump in to your web, some you chase in to it, some you just wait. There's also the types you catch without a web, all sorts of options here. You 'can' change the weather as needed to go at stages under different conditions but this game does make use of your real world location if you let it so if its raining outside your house, it would be raining in game as well. Your surroundings play out a story as you go, discovering hints and advancing the plot. Pretty interesting puzzle adventure.


Battlestation: Harbinger
3.99usd, 60mb download, gamecenter enabled, universal.

Pretty sure I've played more of this one game tonight than any game I've mentioned in the last three release posts. This. Game. Rocks! Rogue-a-like, this means the game world you play in is different every time you play. This also means you get to keep almost nothing between plays, just experience you earn that levels you up that unlocks better ships. This also means you only have one life. A very tactical feel to this game and if you use carrier model ships it gives me Homeworld nostalgia and for some reason the whole game also feels Battlestar: Gallactica to me. Smart and Pro-Active AI thats constantly pushing your boundaries retaking solar systems you've freed. Only time the game pauses is when you hit the pause button. No brainer but I'm serious, equipment screens, solar system screens, neither pause the game! Merchant screen lets you buy equipment and sell what you find in space. Grey currency is for buying new gear and repairing your ship. Green currency is for upgrading your gear.

This. Game. Rocks!


There's going to be one more release post, probably on monday before I catch up game wise. See you then o7

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