Wednesday, July 8, 2015

PS Plus July for Vita

-dusts off vita- You know, I honestly have no idea why I don't play this thing more. Or at all to be honest. Its a fantastic platform and thankfully most developers ignore the rear touch panel or make it completely optional. I have 5 screens worth of games installed, even more not installed. All my installed ones are very well rated around the industry. Dunno what holds me back.

Anyways. Bunch of discounted games for this month, feels like a better offering than in recent months. Three free games too.

For starters there's your entire sony lineup for july PS Plus subscribers. Outside the vita I highly recommend you all grab Styx for the ps4, fantastic stealth game with lots and lots of variety that entertains plenty of playstyles. That and Styx himself is a funny as hell snarky little ass heh!

I picked up two of the three free ps vita titles, here's a quick experience.


Endless runner with the unique mechanic that your controlling two characters instead of one. You move across stages on auto run, moving to avoid obstacles with your analog sticks controlling each character. Along the way you pick up energy for each character, once you fill both energy bars the game rewards you with a large open area full of energy to collect. Both your characters merge in to one large bird, its pretty trippy heh.



Lemmings meets Tetris! Guide mice from their wheel to the cheese. Place tetris like blocks around the stage to help your mice reach their goal. Bonus points for collecting various objects around stages.


Entwined has been well received around the industry, MouseCraft not so much so. My ps4 is pulsing blue, need to reach them for warranty replacement so it'll be awhile before I see the styx on my ps4. Ahh well.

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