Sunday, July 5, 2015

WoW 6.2 Rundown

I've been running around Tenaan Jungle for about a week and a half now. Admittedly it was initially very intimidating. There's a whole lot of angry everything everywhere, none of it likes you. However once I set about looking around and feeling it out, I'm enjoying it. Its Timeless isle with lots of angry orcs, a lacking presence of panda and even more things to do. What follows is what I've observed so far including my daily routine.

6.2 Summarized
. Run to docks, clear completed missions, start new ones.
. Head to base in tenaan, accept first three dailies.
. Knock out quantity one and objective one.
. Turn in at base, accept three more dailies.
. Knock out all three, turn in at base.
. Terrorfist, Deathtalon, Vengenance, Doomroller.
.. Each can drop a mount or a 1k rep for all draenor factions token. Kill each once.

Done with Tenaan. I've collected all but two treasures, remaining two are hidden behind energy walls that unlock as weekly campaign plays out. Lots and lots and lots of rares out here, if I'm in the mood I'll run around chasing them, sometimes do. No pressure.

Once a week I hit Kazzak, this patches world boss. Total pushover, stay behind him unless your the tank and if you get a circle on you, run away from everyone. Drops 700+ ilvl gear.

This place is timeless isle with lots of orcs and some more things to do. Currency of the day are apexis crystals that drop off every damn thing and are rewarded by everything imaginable. 20 new mounts scattered throughout the zone, the 'gear tokens' guarantee a 650ilvl item with possible 675 random upgrade. Also available for 20k apexis on vendor in main base are upgrade tokens that kick 'gear token' quality to 695 which beats lfr quality. On that vendor is also all the gear tokens you can find around tenaan, all for apexis. Glad to see they put apexis to realistic use finally heh.

The garrison docks are the new garrison resource sink of this expansion. Your ships 'can' be lost if you fail a mission and the buffs the ships offer work like your followers perks and traits except you can go to a vendor and swap out the perk/traits of your ship to match your mission needs. All costs garrison resources and ship building costs resources plus oil. Docks upgrade three times, third upgrade kicks ship cap to 10 and there are five ship types available at that point. Note, there is at least one unique ship available on qmasters in tenaan.

Currently I have my routine down to a science and can knock the entire thing out and be done in about two hours, that time depending on availability of the four rare's I listed above. LFG tool is a god send here, most folks are being decent and setting up custom premades when they spot one of the four which is important because the entire zone of tenaan is layer phased based on zone player count. The more folks in the zone, the more copies exist of the zone so that it never feels crowded. The good? It never feels crowded and hunting your dailies isn't hell. The bad? Anytime a rare spawns they may be in a different phase than you. So yea, thank god for the LFG tool.

Wing 1 lfr of hellfire is now open. First boss is a gauntlet that has you defending two huge cannons from waves of enemies. Second boss, felreaver with a whole nightmare of movement hell abilities to deal with. Third boss, wasn't anything remarkable, an orc as I recall. -shrugs- New fate currency for this raid and for the first time this expansion you can purchase the fate's used in the last two raids for extra rolls with straight up gold. Also on the subject of currency updates, the arakkoa folk in ashran, all their apexis gear is now purchased with straight gold.

New form of crafting material for endgame equipment, felblight. Drops from any gathering profession plus randomly off rares and whatnot.

There you go, 6.2 in a nutshell. Oh and bliz has confirmed no more content/story patches this expansion which strongly suggests expansion announcement at gamescon or blizcon. Suspected expansion release to coincide with the movie next late spring.

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