Friday, July 10, 2015

Space Engineers, 1.0b

Long, long longggg overdue, yesterdays update added a feature that just gave me all the reason I could need to do some work on my oldest ship, 1.0 (still haven't named her, or 2.0 heh). Jump Drives are Keens way of handling faster flight in a game engine that simply isn't capable of letting us players go as fast as we would like. On the technical side, the game simply teleports our large (large only) class ship from point A to point B. Points A and B can be off GPS coordinates for precise flight or we can simply aim and fire. Its a very cool feature and well thought out. Other players can come so long as their sitting in a chair onboard, other ships cam come so long as they are landing gear of coupled. The ship will not hit anything when coming out of warp, infact the ship will stop about 5k shy. The more drives on a ship, the further you can go though also the more on your ship the longer your ships engines and gyro's will be offline (the drive recharges).

NOTE, jumping beyond the border of a non exploration save will result in the destruction of your ship and you (if in survival mode). Make sure you turn on exploration before using your jump drive!

Well, all that said, screenshots follow the break.

Original Breaking thrusters, three on the top, three on the bottom

Finished product. Six breaking thrusters top, six on bottom.

Green for charging, Blue for charged, Red for unable to charge.

Original ring extensions.

Finished upgrade.


Show off shots. I'm thinking 1.0b will be 'complete' once I fit a large reactor in her somewhere. She's currently got 6 or so small reactors and when flying around on normal engines spends most of the time in 'overload' reactor status.

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