Friday, July 17, 2015

Weekly Release Roundup

New release list, two new games in my stable. Didn't grab any games last week so that's why there was no release then. Both these games are quality, one is a PC port. Both iPad/mini, both fairly hard on the hardware so mini 2 or ipad 4 at minimum for both.

Edit: Three games. One did come out late last week, also a PC port.

This War of Mine
9.99usd, gamecenter enabled, no iap, 380mb download.

Fantastically oppressive game. You know all those apocalyptic games where the world falls apart and you run around in it being a hero (or anti hero) and generally winning the day? This isn't that. In this game you are one of the no body survivors, unable to escape the war zone and unable to end the war. You just need to survive. You'll never have enough food or water, your people will always be tired, raiders are always ready to attack your house each night, each and every decision you make is agonizing and yes you will despair over your people as they suffer day to day.

I wrote a impressions post a while back when I played this on the PC, here's the article.


Warhammer 40k : Deathwatch - Tyranid Invasion
4.99usd, gamecenter enabled, iap optional, 833mb download.

Random observation, Warhammer games have ungodly long names. Another random observation, there are alot of warhammer games. Pretty much one present for every genre. Most of them suck too. Not this one though. Know the guys who made Hunter 1 and 2? Those turn based rts rpg geniuses? They also made Warhammer Quest, set in the medieval fantasy themed warhammer. Well here's another dose, This warhammer plays just like the previously three mentioned games but is set in Warhammers 40k high sci fi universe.

Combat is simple enough. You have energy points on each member of your party. You can use this energy to move, attack, defend and whatnot. Once you've moved your people around and shot at targets you hit end turn. The npc enemy now moves its units around, attacks, defends, etc. Earn experience, spend points improving your party members and unlocking new perks for them. Stages come in standard clear everything, escort, defend and back again. More story in this one than in any previous Rodeo Games game.

The iap is in the form of packs. Each pack has three cards, two weapons and a combat ready soldier. Everything comes in multiple qualities. iap is optional, you earn an in game currency token system that you will spend on these packs. You also find random equipment when you clear stages. You can sell unneeded gear and soldiers for additional doses of the in game currency you spend on card packs.

Good fun game, best in this genre.


Don't Starve : Pocket Edition
4.99usd, no gamecenter, no iap, 280mb download.

I played this one on the PC. I ended up living off pine cones and tree branches for a day or two. Ran out of fuel and something ate me in the darkness of the night. And that's my experience with this one. This game is a survival builder survival horror survival game. Its out to get you and 99% of the time if you are going to die it'll be in the first 3 days of game time, or during your first winter. My co-worker has been playing this one quite abit, we both recommend watching gameplay videos and doing your homework if you want to make a life for your little Survivor.

Note : iphone edition in development.


There you go, o7

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