Thursday, December 25, 2014

This War of Mine

Trapped in a city warzone, military versus Rebels of some sort. Who knows. All that matters is that I can't escape, I can only survive. Strength in numbers during these times, my party consists of the following. A tv show chef. A football player. And a reporter who interviewed the football player at some point. Will we make it? Probably not. Will some of us make it? Who knows.

This game is deep, moody and oppressive and it kicks ass! This post isn't a review of any sort, just a journal of my experiences. Enjoy :)

Day 1
No tutorials to speak of, just three survivors in a wreck of a house. Since the reporter was on the lower level I set her about looting desks, dressers, cleaning up mess down there. The cook was sitting down so I set him to the same chores just on the middle floors. Football player? He knew the drill and was set to cleaning the upper level.

Pretty quickly on the reporter got 'mildly sick', I noticed the medical icon mid floor bathroom and sent her there but she refused to take the medication saying it was nothing more than a cold. I discovered the work bench, didn't pry to close in on it. Football player complained alot about cleaning up trash without a shovel, I'll make one once I figure out how! Shut it!

Night time hit, game goes to menu screen letting me assign each of my people to various roles. I sent reporter to sleep off her illness, football player on guard duty. No weapons but hey, he played football, hopefully he learned something. Cook I sent to a nearby cottage. This kicks in Night 1.

Night 1
Cottage is abandoned and listed as having plenty of most needed resources. Problem? Limited backpack space. Not knowing a whole lot about what I should be pursuing I just grabbed stuff in the front yard and basement entrance till his packs were filled and headed home.

Day 2
Returned from scavenging successfully. Nothing eventful at the house to report. Reporter is still sick, slept poorly and hungry. Football player, very tired from guarding all night and hungry. Cook? Same. Ok so basic necessities time.

Football player and Reporter I set to building two beds in the basement and put them both to bed. Good news, reporter is 'recovering' while sleeping in a bed! Cook I had build a basic stove and once I realized we had no food I just set him to rest at a chair in the kitchen. After afew moments I decided f'k it and sped up to Night 2.

Night 2
Let the reporter keep sleeping, I don't need anyone dieing on my after all. Cook is on guard duty this time, football player has more backpack space so for him its off to scavenge. The cottage available for a followup, listed as having lots of food. WE need eats.

At the cottage I figure things to be logical so I hit the kitchen... and noticed a purple pulse on the second floor. Its moving slowly around the hall and occasionally to what I assume is a second floor bedroom. I watch it for afew moments and then quickly clean out the fridge. Curious, I inch forward in to the main floor hall way and catch a glimpse of whats at the top of the stairs. A rat. Whew! I clear some debris, clear out a cupboard and then head upstairs. Up there is some more grabs and a locked door to the bedroom. I did notice a journal that mentions a pistol buried in the yard, will have to look in to that eventually but not today.

Day 3
I return home... to find out we were raided. F-k! Reporter is slightly injured, raiders were looking for weapons so didn't take anything because... well because we don't got no weapons just yet. Cook is alive and well, I put football player and reporter to bed, cook goes to cooking up what football player brought home.

Inventory appears central at the base, what anyone finds or brings home is universally available to all for any production of anything. Crafting things is simply a matter of having what you need and dragging the ghost of the object around the house to place somewhere.

A merchant showed up, talked trash, had alot to offer but I don't have a clear feel for whats priority so I passed on trading my stuff for his. Set the cook to clean up detail on the top floor after he was fed. Then remembered I was working on a work bench in the first basement a day back, never finished. Sent him down to work on that. Football player work up, fed him then used the stove to prepare food for Reporter when ever she finishes recovering. Night time hits.

Night 3
Reporter on bed rest, cook on guard duty, football player on a third run to that cottage, still stuff there. Ahh something new. Reading about the buried pistol actually gave me a new interaction icon in the yard. Got the gun parts, its broken but its a step.

Damn front door is barred still, tired of moving through the basement and today is the last day of that. Cleaned out the basement and got through the front door on my way out. Nothing unusual at the cottage. Same rat, same locked locker on main floor, same locked bedroom. Looted until I was full, returned home. Going to need at least one more trip out there. Note to self, bring lock picks.

Day 4
Thank god, nothing eventful happened. Reporter is still sick, but no longer injured. Very hungry so I woke her up, fed her, put her back to bed right away.

Someones at the door calling for help. Reporter and cook are asleep. Football player answers. Children, their mother is sick, needs medication that I don't have, sorry. Day goes by without incident. Note, Reporter is 'sad'. I seem to remember something about cigarettes cheering folks up, going to have to learn to make them or... find something else entertaining. Maybe she's just tired of being on a bed,

Night 4
I send the reporter out. Mildly sick but maybe it'll cheer her up. Got in to bedroom with lock pick, found cigarettes, also found two books. Hey book description specifically mentions uplifting moods. Will have to figure out how to put it to use. Also found pain meds in the place and bullets. I may soon send two folks out, try to finish off the cottage in a single run next time.

Day 5
Reporter is no longer depressed, cook is tired from guard duty and put to rest. Oh neat, base inventory screen has a journal summary on the right. Basically a in character run down of everything relating to the base and to my survivors. Football player and cook are sleeping, football player is slightly sick.

Reporter works and opens up the entire third floor. The bathroom has a door icon, locked. Time for some crafting. She's working on a pry bar, cook wakes up, I send him to do as he does with the stove. We are out of food stuff though, not good. I put the cook to busy work making a radio, send the reporter off to rest. Looks like we wont be following up with the cottage tonight, we need food stuff.

Night 5
Apparently I can only send one person out at a time to scavenge, bummer. Cook to guard, reporter to sleep, football runner to find food. Several locations on the map. A ruined Villa, described as occupied by folks who do not want to trade, stealing would be only option. I'm not to that point yet so I leave them and a 'quiet house' also on the map alone. Supermarket is described as having other scavengers in it but, will risk it.

Ok I arrive there and witness a conversation between three people. Two go in scavenging, third comes up armed with rifle but tells me there's plenty for all so not to worry. Thank god. A good haul, food and stuff.

Crap, ok lesson learned. If you don't clear out of the scavenging site before day time, your scavenger has trouble getting home because its not safe to scavenge during the day.

Day 6
Football player hasn't made it home yet. We were raided but nothing was taken. Reporter was injured again. Reporter and cook are very hungry and tired from attack, I put them to rest since Football player hasn't returned with eats yet.

Football player made it back in one piece, woot!

Third floor cleared out as well as second floor. Set radio up on second floor because reasons. Main floor is also cleared and looted.

Made a knife, will leave it for defense during the night when scavenging.

Night 6
Two new areas on the map. A small apartment building, also occupied and unwilling to trade. And 'sniper junction'. Plenty of everything there, for good reason due to how its earned the name.

So I went with sniper junction for kicks and its literally a wide street with sniper firing shots from a hotel way off in the background. Thankfully he is a slow reload so I just ran from cover to cover between shots. Came across a injured guy in middle of street hiding behind fountain, he told me the sewer entrance next to him normally gave full access to the big multi floor building up ahead but someone blocked the door down there. So I ran/duck/ran my way across rest of street and opened up sewer. He led me to his home, made sure his baby boy was ok and gave me free access to a loot spot under his bed. Five diamonds! I bet I can get good crap with that next time trading presents itself!

Backpack full, back to home I go.

Day 7
Damn it! I was running out of time so tried to sprint across the street, Football player took a bullet one inch from cover. And this stumbled him, causing me to miss day light and.... he's out there solo again. He made it back though thank fully. Fed and put to bed. Trader showed up. Those five diamonds got me all the food the guy had plus abunch of construction materials. Win!

Almost have what I need for fortifying the house, will hit the cottage up for a quick easy tonight. Note, helping the father at the sniper junction has made everyone in my group content. Win!

Night 8
Got what I need from cottage and side note, one more trip there will clear it permanently.

Day 8
Reporter is no longer slightly sick. She's 'sick'. Gave her medication, put her to bed. Fortified the house a bit. Got a visitor, a teacher looking for shelter. She offered to take care of children that we might have. Odd. Turned her down, I honestly don't see the benefit of anymore than I already have since I can't send more than one person out scavenging.

Day 9
Stayed in last night, got an achievement. Football player injuries are looking worse, bandaged and medicated him, fed him and put him back to bed. Reporter is injured still from raid afew days ago, hasn't gotten out of bed, she's also sick. I'm two man weak, my cook is very tired, didn't go out so can't make a third bed. Two kids showed up, asking for help taking their injured mother to the hospital. Sure. Off ran cook helping them, hope that wasn't a mistake.

Night 9
Cook didn't make it back before night fall. Two injured? Sigh. Sending out reporter, she's less injured and I'd like to make a third bed. Quick run, finally cleared out the cottage.

Day 9
Figures I'm down to one man who is asleep, we get raided. They unjured him, figures. Took some food. Cook is back, fed and to bed with him. Reporter will have to tough it out abit longer, didn't loot enough to make a third bed.

Night 10
Fighting around the supermarket makes it inaccessible, bummer. Returning with cook to sniper junction, crafting mats. My goal? three beds, Everyone sleeps at day, everyone guards at night. Change of plans. Sniper junction also blocked off due to fighting. Haven't been to the shelled school yet, will go there. Didn't see anything other than rats. On my side of the locked doors and barricades all loot sites were empty. Other side of doors and barricades? Much better :)

Day 11
Final entry for this blog post, all three still alive, two wounded and sick. Working through it.

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