Sunday, December 28, 2014

Styx: Master of Shadows

So, I picked this one up back in October at launch, and given my flaky attention span she's sat in my steam library un run aside from one sprint sometime early November one night. I remember making it through the first stage, hitting the first huge open area and then for some reason I got distracted by something else. Dunno what. But I ran the game from start again today and damn this is a good one!

Think Thief. The 2014 edition, but your a foul little goblin. And your driven to acquire something called the heart of the world tree. Its in human hands, who took it from elves apparently. The game seems like it tosses you in near the end after Styx has been captured and is being interrogated by the humans. Your playing out the story he tells them.

The interactions are really well done both in game and through cinematic. Controls were abit wonky at release I'm told but a patch 1 week after launch fixed things and playing here near end of December I can confirm that the game plays very well. Mouse and Keyboard work fine here, along with controller support.

Sounds are solid, voice acting epic.

As you play out his story you'll be moving from stage to stage with a main goal being to get from point a to b but that's not all you can do. There are side objectives like collecting loot, rare collectibles for the hideout, hundreds of different approaches to each stage present themselves. Use the underground pipe to pass some guards? How about jump up on to a cross beam? Looking for combat? Toss a dagger at them, or sneak kill, or eve run up and play a round of parry/parry/parry/kill while they freak out.

Definitely alot of options here. It also kind of feels like assassin's creed, without the neutral down time. Anytime anyone sees you, its guaranteed to be bad news.

Completing stages awards you skill points that you spend on Styx and his possessions improving him and his special abilities. Like making a clone of himself, or going to a special vision that lets him see hidden things, or straight up invisibility.

I am 2% complete, just got to my actual hide out which is large and apparently upgradeable. Very cool :)

Its on steam sale atm too. Like Thief? Like the stealthy side of Assassin's Creed? This is your cup of tea.

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