Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Space Engineers, the 2.0 report

Ok whoa so its totally Warlords of Draenor's fault for me not updating my blog! Christ, I've literally no complaints or disappointments for this expansion so far! Good god, seriously if you WoW'd prior to panda and left panda because... of the panda's, take a good hard look at the awesomeness that is Warlords.

But enough of that, their normal maintenance became 9 and then 12 hours and their still not back up so I wandered back in to Space Engineers. Floated around thankful that the 2 or 3 weekly updates since I last logged in didn't blow anything up, I resumed work on 2.0

-checks previous post to see where he left off on screenshots of the beast-

Photo heavy blog entry btw. So, the following two photos are where you last saw 2.0. Hangar mostly there, main body 'begun' and I moved 2.0 entirely to the pipe line running the Batcave to that really new uber huge asteroid I'm going to build on one day. Better lighting, larger work space, etc.

2.0 sat there for a week or two before I could 'force' myself to work on her again. I suffer from writer...builders block often and that's why I've always got 2 or 4 projects going on at once. I did a basic frame for the main body. Decided immediately it either looked like a heart.. or a butt and in either case that was not acceptable.

Four engines placed, nice.

Nah, 2.0 is huge and six is cooler.

Alright frak it, 8.

Body work installed, engines built, four forward facing large thrusters to hopefully stop the thing when I don't want to go forward. At this point, I got stumped again as to the rest of the back side and went and built the miner mk10 that I won't show here because my last post was all about it. Well that was four weeks or so ago and tonight with Blizzard having WoW server issues I decided to return to work on 2.0. Looking at her from four weeks since last update revealed that the main body / backside just feels to small and tall compared to the neck and head of this ship so what follows is the last two hours progress.

I REALLY like how those forward horizontal braking thrusters are looking. I may put a third smaller engine in the row above and blow the larger though. The back end and sides are a complete mess. For the sides I'm going to bring it out another block and the rear? Going to complete remove the old thrusters/design and build it in to the new frame. Expect at least two more thrusters back there before this is over.

I'm building the back end hollow, will flesh it out with rooms, quarters, bridge, etc once I see just how much room I have to work with. Looking like there will be lots :)

Last shot, good view from the chair I have for recharging energy on the conveyor pipe 2.0 is connected to.

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