Friday, November 14, 2014

Introducing... the Miner mk10

Ok, last week or so I moved the entire Batcave's refining/processing/storage equipment off to an asteroid roughly exactly in the middle between my base and my sisters. We named it Dig'N'Dump.

The base originally housed 2 storage containers, 3 refineries and 3 assemblers. Dig'n'Dump houses 7 11 storage containers, 9 refineries and 11 assemblers. And has connector parking for a dozen or so ships. Shortly after it went live I already decided I didn't like flying that far for my resources so I ran a conveyor pipe 1200m from batcave to digndump heh. Good to go.

Now with this facility up and running I finally found myself with enough room and resources to handle a bigger mining ship. I always said the mk9 would be the last of the small class miners and I meant it.

With the mk10 I've taken everything I learned from the mk9 and put it to bigger use. Lots bigger use. This was v1 of the mk10, low armor plating or any worth just enough here to get her mobile so I could test the design out. Came back with 9 destroyed drills and one thruster wing gone.

More drills seem to of fixed the breaking drill problem, more thrusters gets the job done more efficient like. More armor plating, mostly for looks.

The entire fleshed out because, well it needs to look good right? Right.

And last but not least, curious about mk10's size? Those three shots, the mk9 is sitting next to the new beast. My co-worker has named mk10 "Son of Galactus". 

mk11 will house an additional layer of drills, I'm running in to wear and tear issues with some of the armor plating up near the front underneath the cargo containers. Game mechanics allow for wear of anything within range of an asteroid when passing in regards to armor. And 12 or so drills on the mk10 are firmly attached to those armor plates and will float away if I don't do something about it. Another layer of drills will properly distance the plating from the asteroid as I did. mk11 will also have more breaking thrusters. This thing has 12 forward thrusters but only four reverse. Not. Good. I also want to build in auto piloting with mk11. What I will do is put a matter block up towards the front and a gravity generator directly in front of it. Gravity generator on will give gravity, matter block on top will pull entire ship in the direction of the gravity. Combine that with a 'on' button for all the drills and I could literally turn this thing on and walk away for abit. Very cool.


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