Saturday, October 25, 2014

Now Playing : Agents of Storm

Agents of Storm
Free, universal, 95mb download, gamecenter enabled.

Oh good lord a Clash of Clans clone with no pvp in it at all? Still has an online requirement but so far I'm building my island, attacking npcs, there appears to maybe be a leaderboard of some sort but I don't see any of this genre's typical pvp components at all. There is also metal, freaking gorgeous game, let it sit for a minute and it goes in to screensaver panning around your island at random. All the iap so far is vested in speeding things up, and all the iap purchases are consumables. And ironically their trying to lure me in with a 5 hour 50% off sale for all their iap, oh the temptation!

Not really, I do NOT like consumable iap. Give me a damn coin doubler guys. I love your game Royal Revolt 2, you offer me bundle offers from time to time that give me permanent benefits. These are iap's worthy of purchase, they are residual. I want residual iaps dev's. Coin doublers, stuff like that.

But anyways, off that soap box. What is this game? Its a base builder. You build up your base, adding buildings, upgrading buildings, collecting resources idly. On top of that though its also a semi rts game. On the map is a long path of missions to keep you busy killing the bad guys. Missions involve two phases. First is getting to the enemy base. You will see lines connected to ship slots. You place your ships in the slots you want them to go down and hit go. They'll shoot the npc turrets and energy drills. Tap the drill kegs that plop down, you will use that energy against the enemy base itself. Fighting the base is fairly straight forward. Your ships shoot, their defenses shoot, you win. You will also have various abilities you can use that require the previously tap-collected energy from the drills.

Once battle is finished you collect your rewards and head back to base where you upgrade, build, repair and prepare to go out again. On top of the main story missions, which are all farmable, you have side convoy missions, latter missions, etc, etc. Lots to do here!

Controls are fine, nothing annoys me about them. Sound, same. Graphically, this game uses iOS 8's metal graphics engine and it is gorgeous to stare at!

I'll keep updated on my progress with this one but so far, definitely a fine change of pace from the normal pvp inflicting crap most of these builders have now a days.


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