Monday, October 20, 2014

TV Shows!

Watching anything cool? Here's what I'm watching, spoilers after the break. Thank god the fall line up is kicking in to gear heh. Whew. Before the lineup, read fantastic news somewhere that hbo is going to be the first of the stubborn networks to offer a individual subscription service for their shows. And then I believe cbs announced their decision to do the same the next day.

Its about time. I respect cable networks and other providers for what they've offered us for the last hundred or so years but welcome to the new century. You have to understand by now that no one wants to pay 200 a month for 500 channels they have no interest in watching just so they can get the 3 channels they do want. Hulu / Netflix paved the way for change, I know these providers like comcast and metrocast and others will say its going to cost jobs or somesuch when folks abandon their payment method and go to hulu / netflix but guys, we've been screaming for YEARS for you to just offer a payment system that works like the following :

. I go to your site, I hit subscribe.
. I see a master list of all 1000 channels or how ever many you have.
. I check box click all the ones I want, each channel has a individual dollar amount per month cost.
. I hit check out, bam.

Hulu in particular wouldn't exist right now if the traditional provider companies had adopted the above system 10 years ago so anytime someone tells me that I'm costing people their lively hoods I reply, "No I'm not, its the provider companies who are by not adapting to the times." Its no different than blockbuster / netflix. If blockbuster had opened its eyes, realised that mail delivery / digital streaming was the future we would all have blockbuster monthly subscriptions and not netflix. Dosen't matter that netflix did it first, if blockbuster had jumped on right at the very very beginning alongside netflix they would of dominated due to customer loyalty so long as they didn't do anything stupid. But stupid isnt something we had to worry about, they never even tried.

So yea, comcast, metrocast, etc. You all are endangering the livelyhoods of your employees and you stubborn networks that refuse to step away from these providers stubborness, your endangering yours as well.

-steps off soapbox-

Don't know where that came from, guess its just something I've wanted to say for awhile. But anyways here's the break and beyond it is my show lineup with a brief 'whats going on' for each.

Dean is a demon thanks to the blade, Sam is determined to redeem him. Dean is also a wildecard killing to satisfy the blades bloodlust, abandoning Sam but also deciding to kill one of Crowley's clients instead of the clients requested target. Crowley cuts ties with Dean, lets Sam know where he is. Meanwhile Castile is apparently dieing, still a human, refuses to take any other angel's mojo to turn himself back in to an angel, something one of his former lieutenants simply cant grasp.

Sleepy Hollow
Icabod's son is actually one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. Further adding salt to the wound, his wife is alive but in the hands of the horseman, willingly. She wants to be an inside spy since the horseman loves her and she's playing off that to sew in distrust between horseman and icabod's son. First three episodes of the season involved this triangle plus Icabod rescuing Abbie from the afterlife where she was left at the end of season 1. Fourth episode involves the real Pied Piper, much more gruesome than the already dark fairy tale would have us believe.

Agents of SHIELD
Shield is a shattered thing of its former glory thanks to hydra and the events of captain america : winter soldier movie. The US government is persuing Coulson and his group relentlessly last season after the events of the movie. Season two mostly involves the team doing what they always did. Apprehending the bad guys and handing them over to the government who as of episode four is pretending this isn't happening. Coulson is drawing symbols and its getting worse every episode. Simmons is in bad shape mentally, having trouble recalling the words to anything he tries to say most of the time. And Hydra is still pulling strings where it can everywhere it can.

Family Guy
Episode 1, Simpsons crossover! The Griffins are forced on a brief vacation after Peter starts drawing for the local newspaper and draws a picture of him throwing his dead wife on the street while yelling "Damn dishwasher is broken!" and managing to piss off the entire state's female population. During their road trip the car gets stolen and then end up in Springfield. By the end of the episode Stewey idolizes Bart who is scared of him. Marge and Lois go to a movie. Brian misplaces Santa's Little Helper for most of the episode. Meg and Lisa become fast friends, turns out Meg is a natural on the Saxophone and even better than Lisa. Chris spends most of the episode sucking on one of Maggie's passifiers. Homer and Peter become fast friends until its discovered that Paw Tucket beer from family guy is just a relabled stolen recipe of Duff beer from the simpsons. This results in a court house lawsuit and a 8 or so minute chicken fight between the two until they eventually get along at the end.

Beyond that epic first episode, episode 2 is more 'normal' for the show. Joe writes a book, Peter ends up the face of the book, steals the book, ruins everything about the book, re befriends Joe at the end. Everyone else does stuff but thats about the girth of the episode.

Arrow's having a tough time, episode 1 the company decides to not put him in as ceo and goes with someone else. His sister is with her birthfather learning the ways of japanese sword fighting. Felicity is crazy about him but he keeps pushing and pulling her emotionally. Laurel is pretty stable until her sister sister dies at the end of episode 1. Detective Lance is promoted, running the police station and working hand in hand with Arrow fighting crime. Roy is much more stable now and wearing a red suited version of Arrows costume working hand in hand with Arrow. Diggle is now a father, names his baby daughter after Laurel's dead sister and after an episode of being on the sidelines is back fulltime at end of episode 2. More in the past storytelling going on, Arrow wasn't always on the island four years ago, he apparently spent some time in China as an assassin. And no one knows who put arrows in Laurel's sister killing her.

The shows being what is is. Funny parts, alot of meh moments. I just watch it for nostalgia and for the occasional giggle it produces.

Same as above except the giggles are much more frequent and the humor is much more offensive to most. Episode 1 the boys took the redskins name in kickstarter and tried to make a do nothing company where everyone in the world would donate money to their ability to do nothing. Fell through, they returned to school in episode 2 to find the entire school bitter at them for bailing to begin with. Episode 3 touches on the transgender in school subject as Cartman decides he is transgender so that he can use the girls bathroom toilets since their better and the boys toilets are always in use anyway. The show ends up with a transgender bathroom being made, the secret identity of Lorde being discovered, confusion amongst everyone and Kyle end up screwed up in head and amongst the group heh.

New DC Series, its a massive reboot retelling of Bruce's earliest years. His parents die in episode one. The show seems to be split between his handling of this and Gordon's handling of the crime in the city. Alot of familiar names, all younger are everywhere, if you've seen the first four episodes I know your cheering alongside me for Penguin heh. Something addictive about him! Some new names and whatnot. Very dark and gritty. Love it!

The Flash
Barry was struck be lightning at the end of the episode he appeared in over in the Arrow series. It wasn't a normal lightning bolt though, it was caused by one of his cities companies exploding experiments and now he is the Flash. He wasn't the only one given powers by this explosion and he is working with the ceo of that company and two of its former employees to fight crime and wrap up all the others who gained poweres and used them for nefarious purposes. My theory : The ceo is actually a much older much more bitter Flash from the future who ran so fast he time traveled. His goal was to save his mother who died infront of him as a child and to prevent his father from being wrongly accused and imprisoned for her death. He accidentally killed his own mother when arriving in the past, his father went to prison anyways and he realized he was the ceo who would eventually cause his own powers and he is now guiding a much younger version of himself making sure the future timeline isn't changed. Thats my guess. Who knows. Episode one involved a man who could control the weather, episode two involved a man who could make multiples of himself.

Turns out 'the darkness' that was haunting the series during season 1 was a man who was sacrificing human's to keep the black plague from getting free. They chased down and killed the guy end of season 1, and the next morning the plague started breaking out in local villages. Mary and Cathrine are now living in a 'neutral' stance now that Nostrodamus no longer predicts Mary killing Francis. Francis's baby with one of Mary's handmaidens is in the castle now. Mary had one of the local lord's son's put to death via the plague after that lord's son poisoned an entire family in a power struggle. Nostrodamus was nearly drawn and quartered to punish Mary. Mary and Francis free Nostrodamus with some trickery on their part, passify the lords and now their dealing with France in a state of famine, religious and political unrest.


And with that those are the shows I'm currently watching. I can't watch Walking dead as its network is one of them stubborn as networks that never puts episodes on hulu and only puts them on netflix one season delayed. The Following hasn't picked up yet. The 100 hasn't either, not sure if it renewed. I need to get in to Once upon a Time, loved what I did watch of season 1 but the wife dove in, shot past me and I've never caught back up heh. And Dracula didn't renew -shakes fist angrily-

I'm going to try and keep up with posting this type of entry each week on sunday/monday. I generally don't watch my shows during the week, instead I catch them all on sunday with the wifey.



Bankai Forty-four said...

Red Arrow/Arsenal, his name is Roy Harper. You mentioned him earlier in your review of the show as 'Tommy'.

"Tommy is much more stable now and wearing a red suited version of Arrows costume working hand in hand with Arrow."

taeles said...

Ahh ty for that info, I'm horrible at remembering names :)