Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wednesday Release Roundup

Well today's release list surprised me. I surfed through what was supposed to be the total list around 3pm today, highly disappointed. 11pm rolls around, I've got 7 tabs open on my computer with potentials. I'll narrow it down, no doubt.

-cracks knuckles-

Beatbuddy HD
4.99usd, universal, gamecenter enabled, 602mb download.

Spirits of Spring
4.99usd, universal, no gamecenter, 461mb download.

Star Warfare2: Payback
Free, universal, gamecenter enabled, 464mb download.

Tiny Troopers: Alliance
Free, universal, gamecenter enabled, 80mb download.

Alright so those are the ones that survived my 10 second rule when I tossed them on the floor :P No initial impressions for any of them since all but one are half gig downloads and I'm trying to curb my bills so toned down my bandwidth allowance. The final one, tiny troopers, I'll download it but initial comments on touch arcade say chillingo turned it in to a Clash of Clan's clone.

-approaches cautiously-


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