Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ruling the Game Podcast up!

Hey everyone, just a heads up that Lisa and I did a new podcast episode and its up on itunes right now! Follow the link bottom right to get to it quick like. In the cast we ramble about iOS 8, the Air 2, the mini 3, the i6 and i6+ phones too. Then we went off to discuss the following games :

Plunder Pirates
Free, universal, 97mb download, gamecenter enabled.

A enjoyable Clash-of-Clans alike with a much much larger pve mechanic, more friendly ranking system, more in depth training system, buildings are linked to each other for upgrading purposes, there are buildings with no purpose aside from cosmetic that have to be present to upgrade other buildings, there are guild focused buildings offering perks and bonuses based on guild participation towards the building. And that doesn't even cover all the things to do on the pve map. Worth a try!

My suggestion to the developers, make the water 'road' that sticks from the ship unusable for enemy player landings. All having it usable by attackers does is cause all the progressive minded players surround their ship with land since attackers can't deploy directly on land. It really ruins what is otherwise an emersive interactive and fun to watch town.

Royal Revolt 2
Free, universal, 93mb download, game center enabled.

My original comment summary for this game was 'clash of clan clone' and that was my greatest disservice to it. This game is in only the lightest lightest sense of the word a clone. You can attack other players. That's it, nothing else. Base building is fixed position, no worrying about whether your building it right. Instead you have the road. The road is what other players have to run through to reach your castle gave and victory. You can layout the road anyway you see fit, load it with traps, configure waves of your defenses that flow out and attack, get as detailed or not as you may want. On top of that the game is very very generous with the what-they-get-for-winning vs what-you-lose-when-they-win. All buildings are upgradable and fully change appearance as you go. The dungeon under the castle is massive and littered with in game currency rewards, iap rewards, equipment rewards (you upgrade all equipment on your king who you control in battle much like you would in any rpg) and even new units for your kingdom to use in defense as well as offense. Combat is limited to your wheat count but you can indefinitely watch 30 second videos to resupply the wheat needed for combat. One video gets you another fight, you can go for hours and hours and hours just chasing leader boards, chasing the event ranks and amassing a fortune that you use upgrading everything in your kingdom, your road and all your kings equipment.

I have to say I haven't enjoyed a game as much as this one in a very very long time and will be playing it for a long time to come. My only suggestion to the developers : Implement some sort of guild system, a social aspect to this game would blow everything else out of the water.


We also discuss Space Engineers but I won't ramble on it here, I'll make a separate blog entry for it. Want to know more about it? This blog has plenty of entries that ramble on length about why its my favorite pc game of all time and has even caused me to retire Kerbal Space Program recently. Like minecraft? Want better controls, graphics, combat, the works? Check it out.


And there you have it, enjoy the podcast, we 'promise' to make more and keep up with it this time.

-whistles, hopes, no guarantees though heehee-


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