Thursday, October 23, 2014

Midweek Release

Bunch of games I'm looking at curiously, will probably end up downloading most of them.

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth
Free, Universal, 125mb download, no gamecenter.

Match three platformer? Sounds interesting, looks like you'll be matching colors to open up paths downwards for your archeologist guy to proceed. Treasure to find, 80 levels to clear, monsters to kill, sounds full of potential.

1.99usd, universal, 69mb download, no gamecenter.

3D puzzle game involving camera rotation inorder to solve optical illusions while getting a blue... critter across various increasingly complicated stages.

1.99usd, Universal, 16mb download, no gamecenter.

Looks like a puzzle game where your given a number of pieces and put them together with screws to create a pre existing design. Looks like lots of models to build as well as creative mode to let your mind wander.

Beast Battles
Free, iPad only, 209mb download, gamecenter enabled.

Monster collector/battler, screenshots suggest very good graphics, leveling up and upgrading your critters, could be entertaining.

The Arrow Game
.99usd, Universal, 53mb download, no gamecenter.

You use tilt to control a arrow shot out over various proceedurally generating enviroments, your goal is to hit the target identified by the arrow with distance listed. The challenge is the goal will usually have things in your way that you have to tile to avoid.


In the land of updates, Plunder Pirates has engaged its halloween event which includes a unique trainable highly powerful unit, halloween themed things to kill on the exploration map too. Pumpkins are everywhere and you can even switch your island to a spooky dusky time of day. Fun stuff :)

Junk Jack X has its halloween event going as well, same as previous years pretty much. Lots of halloween limited time stuff to chase, kill and build.

Republique Episode 3 just hit.

And thats that, so far.

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