Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Space Engineers

Just some photos of whats going on over on my server. First batch, I started work on 2.0 again. Was inspired by several events in the game. First, Keen fixed weapons, they no longer blow up portions of the ship when engaging npcs! Plus they redesigned explosions so explosions against heavy armor no longer destroy things behind the armor if the armor in question survives the explosion. Means 95% of my deaths against npcs are now gone!

Little sister and I hopped in the Pill Bug and blew up a half dozen or so ships before some well aimed shots against a mining hauler resulted in a ship worthy of capture. She brought it back and parked in between 1.0 and 2.0. Watching her make it her own, I suddenly felt like working on 2.0 abit. The photos that follow are of progress and finished work.

As can be seen, we've added afew dozen more mods to the server heh. ALOT of fluff objects in the game now, fantastic stuff. Whats next, I've gotten decent at capturing npc ships instead of blowing them up and after them sitting around various asteroids for afew days I decided to put the little brothers asteroid to use. I built an entire system of keeping all the ships under station power, all are tethered to the base.

With them all sitting there lined up I had this mental image of a truck stop and decided that worked. I built a 'rec center' and named it The Donut Connection heh. LOTS of custom mods on display in here.

Two nights back after a evening of fiddling around I figured out how to add asteroids. Cool stuff, I also discovered that there is an asteroid in the game that the game as default never places in peoples games because its sooo freakin huge that it taxes many computer systems. Its almost four times the size as the cave I use for my base, following photos it can be seen. First photo, left side. Second photo top, Third photo is a... easter egg I suspect. Keen is fond of zelda apparently heh. I added a pipe line out to this new asteroid and a second solar panel array, base is getting bigger by the minute, needs more juice. Eventually I plan on building a docking port out there.

Finished mk9 miner. More thrusters, more armor, chews dirt amazingly well. She's done, next time I build something industrial it will be mk10 and it'll be 'large' ship class.

Last but not least, I've resumed work on 2.0. Docking hangar complete, I went 'different' with what follows, had some fun and challenge making it work but the end result is fantastic in my opinion. I've moved 2.0 down on to the pipe that connects main base to the new asteroid. Better lighting until Keen fixes the foglights in the game.


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