Saturday, October 4, 2014

Reporting in from the Batcave

Ahh yep, that's I named my asteroid base in space engineers. No creativity, I know. But hey look who's writing this. I still haven't named 1.0 or 2.0 :P

Speaking of which, progress stalled on 2.0, got distracted by other stuff so no new photos to show off. Neck and head of the ship are present, but mostly hollow. I'll finish her eventually. What I have done was elsewhere. I overhauled the tail end of miner mk9, making her abit more sturdy.

The neck is stronger, a great deal more engines to keep her pointing in the right direction and some custom hot keys set up allowing me to turn rotors on and turn on forward thrusters at reduced output so she autopilot digs now. I wanted to do what I've seen other mining frigates do involving artificial mass and gravity generators to pull the ship forward, would of been very cool but currently not possible. Gravity generators can't be installed on small class ships. No worries, she gets the job done. Eventually I'll revisit the mk9 miner and add more armor plating to the tail end to protect all the engines reactors and whatnot but for now, she's solid.

On to power needs. I started fiddling around with solar panels awhile back, but a change in the skybox moved the sun rendering those solar panels useless. Moved them, changed skybox a week later to something cook, sun moved back to stock spot, again rendering my newly aimed solar panels useless. I'd use rotating pistons to manually aim them but rotating pistons are currently bugged so that's not an option. Instead, I decided to put to use a pipe that I recently ran between my brothers asteroid and mine. He kept hoarding construction components in his frigate out there, and I kept having to go get the stuff when he wasn't using it so frak it I literally ran a conveyor line from my asteroid to his. Walla, but that's old news. What is new is that I moved the solar panels out on to the pipe line itself. Works very well to be honest and I doubled the panels, half are at a slightly different angle so if the sun moves again, I got it covered.

On to the next project, I finally started surfing the workshop and furniture is just starting to show up. I've had the 'command center' of the batcave in position for awhile but it was empty, not anymore.

I've added five more mods to the server. Recreational, mess hall, medical, bunk beds, etc. Will begin fiddling with them as I expand the batcave beyond the confines of the asteroid :) And maybe figure out a better name. Here's afew photos of the batcave as she looks currently, enjoy :)

Will update again once the crew wing is installed :)

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