Friday, September 26, 2014

Epic Island

Still playing Spider-Man Unlimited, current event may not be reached unfortunately. 1600 bad guy kills isn't as quick as one would think, 90% of a run is spent dodging and jumping. Ahh well, hope I get it. But anyways, lets talk about one 'epic' game heh.
Free, universal, gamecenter enabled, rpg/simulator.

My Thoughts
Glad I picked this one up, its actually a whole lot of fun and pretty different from the games I've been playing lately. This game is a kingdom simulator in which you send your heroes of to fight the villainy of the kingdom, receive rewards/exp for doing, gear up and fight bigger baddies and so on and so on. Visually the game is cartoony, but detailed. Sound wise is on par. Controls work just fine.

At the top level you will be staring at a top down view of your kingdom and surrounding countryside. Inside the kingdom itself are four interactive buildings. The boasting hall is literally your achievement screen, all achievements award iap currency. Think of this area as a guide in case you don't know what you should be doing. Next to the boasting hall is the Battle Arena. This is a pvp event based mechanic that lets you pit your chosen hero against another players chosen hero. The hero's are farm able apparently and there is a luck mechanic to the combat. Sometimes they'll win, sometimes you'll win. Its a dnd mechanic so it makes sense. Winning grants you experience and honor. The higher your honor the higher you place in the active event. The higher you place in the event, the better the reward when the event ends. Participating in the arena consumes tokens which recharge 1 token per hour to prevent too much farming.

On the other side of the kingdom's main courtyard is the main castle  which is comprised of a wall friends can write on, your friends list and a button to invite friends that uses facebook as its primary means of doing so. Which confuses me, gamecenter for achievements, but not for the friends list? Odd. You can also view the treasury which is basically storage for everything your heroes have looted or you have bought from the blacksmith.

Speaking of which,the blacksmith sits next to the main castle. Inside here you see randomly generated weapons and armor for sale. Some want in game currency, some want iap. That's the side purpose of this place though, the main purpose is the forge. Inside the forge you will upgrade existing gear for your heroes, thus making them better at smashing villainy throughout the kingdom. The interface is very simple. Drag a piece of gear from the right side inventory section to the left. Once you do this, the forge drops down and you can add up to five pieces of armor / weapon. Doing so costs gold and the equipment added to the forge is consumed, turned in to experience. When you feed the weapon enough, it will level up improving all its stats.

That is the current sum of the kingdom, everything else is outside in the wilderness so that's where this blog will follow. First things first, red boxes spawn randomly all over the place. Always click on them, they contain gear, gold, or iap. Now beyond that little ditty here we have the main area of the game. In these various environments you will see dungeons. Inside the dungeons are monsters. You kill these monsters. Doing so periodically levels up the dungeon making more, tougher monsters available to you. Killing the monsters also grants experience for you, random loot drops too. When you level up the dungeon, the inside of the dungeon gets bigger and you receive a green chest. This chest costs gold to open but always drops better than normal loot for your heroes. Note regarding the green chests, you can store them in the castle if you don't have the resources required to open them. Occasionally a better than normal green chest will be given to you that requires iap to open.

There is one other thing you will encounter out here, titans. Titans are much much larger than normal monsters that require participation from the entire player base to defeat. Participating to the effort is simple, works just like fighting a normal monster for the most part. Tap the titan, tap the hero. Here is the difference though, your presented with three choices. Each has a different completion clock and the longer the clock the better the rewards. On this screen you also see the titans overall hit points. There is an incentive to contribute to these titan kills, the more damage you do, the higher you rank. The higher you rank, the better the gear reward when the titan goes down.

There are large gates blocking off sections of the kingdom, you pay in game currency to unlock these. Inside these are new environments and new dungeons, probably new titans as well.

Near as I can tell our heroes don't have a hit point mechanic to them outside the arena. Out in the wilderness its simply a matter of choosing the target, choosing the hero to take out the target and waiting for the clock to wind down.

Regarding your heroes, you'll have two of them by the end of the tutorial. As a new player you'll be offered a 4 dollar one time iap purchase that gives iap gems and a third slot. The fourth slot wants 1000 iap, can't see the 5th slot yet so don't know its price. IF you had no gems and wanted the 4th slot, you'd end up spending 10 bucks. Not sure about the 5th. Also on the subject of iap, you can convert gems to gold, but not the other way around.

There is a pet mechanic to this game but I haven't unlocked it yet because the feature is hidden behind one of those gates.

I've no complaints about this game though I would like to see more involvement around town in a later update. something to upgrade, or customizability to the look of the town. Its nice watching your heroes when in combat as well as out of combat. Out of combat they will wander around the kingdom and surrounding areas.  Early on the micromanagement will keep you busy but once you level up any given dungeon afew times the tougher critters will take longer to beat and you can go do other stuff while your heroes work for you.

Fight stuff, kill stuff, loot stuff, level up, fight bigger stuff, level up the dungeons, unlock new areas of the kingdom, do the above to those new areas, punch titans around, fight other players in arena. win.

I like it, I recommend it.

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