Wednesday, September 17, 2014

iOS 8 First Impressions

Took about an hour to install, up and running. Lets make observations...

1. There is abit of lag for the first few seconds after booting up my air when at the password prompt. Takes about 3 seconds for the first key press to register, good to go after that.
2. Something is... different with the entire home screen. Can't put my finger on it.
3. App store, the catagories button's been redesigned again.
4. Something called 'metal' came with the new os. Apparently its a new level of graphical detail for developers to take advantage of. AKA, metal games will look prettier. Gameloft and Rovio are the first two titles I've seen to make use of it with gameloft's asphalt racing series and Rovie's new plunder pirates that just hit this afternoon.
5. Message app overhaul. The most obvious thing is that I can hold down the mic icon and record my voice and just send that to other people. Also, I got lots of smiley emoticon options now, that may not be new to everyone though, seem to recall it existing in ios7. I think they just turned it on for everyone as default. Also the auto-word fill thing is nicer, its a bar across the top of the keyboard with suggested words appearing that is much easier to choose from.
6. Safari. Also receives the message app keyboard treatment. Favorites is NICELY overhauled. The favorites button is back on the left side of the screen and when you bring it up it is persistant, dosent go away once you tap a link. VERY cool! Safari just feels much faster now, gets to the app store when tapping links quicker too.
7. The drop down menu feels more... clean, less cluttered. Or just my imagination.
8. The pull up menu bounces. New icons and stuff.
9. Gamecenter... dosent completely load. Second attempt didn't even make it partially. Hrm.
10. Multitask screen has recent folks you've messenged and whatnot across the top. Middle is stillrunning apps and bottom is icon versions of those running apps.

Aside from the gamecenter oddness, everythings running smooth. Feels more fluid than ios7 even. Always a win. Hey win, gamecenter just finished loading as I was typing this, double win! Now that it loaded I can say, its unchanged aside from the font's looking crisper.

Anything else I notice, I'll speak on later. Till then,



Lisa Wagner said...

Thx for the heads-up with the thumb print. Been checking out those bundles too. Really like they do it like the albums, if you already have some tracks, you just pay to complete the album. App bundles now. Nice.

taeles said...

Glad I could help :)