Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Now Plaing : UnEpic
13.99usd, available on pc/wiiu.

My Thoughts
Just started playing this game tonight, its a really amusing platform rpg that pokes fun at just about every sci-fi/fantasy movie or game since the beginning of time. Seriously, when a hostile ghost gets trapped in our character they call eachother names and then when asked your character says he is "Aragorn, son of Arathorn." The start of the story is simple. Guy joins d&d group, goes to the bathroom, light goes out, uses his lighter, finds himself in a dungeon. And then after he becomes convinced his dnd buddies drugged him, he decides to have a full fun go at this rpg he's living out in his head.

As stated above, this is a platformer. So alot of jumping and climbing. Its also an rpg so there are plenty of monsters to slay, loot to collect, barrels to break, equipment to equip, experience to gain, level ups to be had, talent points to spend, merchants to pester, potions to make, spells to learn.. see where this is going? Good. The game is also massive. After you reach the official save point, you quickly find whats essentially a fast travel portal room with about 20 doors. These doors are unlocked from the other side though so you'll explore out and then find the door back for quick travel later on as needed.

There is a quest system as well as a challenge system present.

Interface is simple but I left my xbox controller at home so I've been soley using the keyboard setup. arrow keys to move, jump and duck. Space to attack. Enter to interact. Hot keys 1 thru 0 are fully 100% customizable via inventory screen. Normal keys for menu surfing, i for inventory, c for character, m for map, etc. I'll give the xbox controller a whirl after I wake up, I suspect it's going to be my preferred means of playing. Jump/Run is abit unwieldly on the keyboard.

I'm about an hour in to this one, will no doubt follow up as I progress. Oh, full co-op and steamworkshop compatible for player made adventures.


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