Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wednesday Night Release

So... bendgate huh? Heh. Look folks, the thinner a phone gets plus the larger it gets, the more it looses the sturdiness. Any smart phone, apple, android, windows, dosent matter which will have bending issues if the phone is large enough and enough pressure is put on it. In the case of the i6+? I suspect one of the following :

. Tight Pants/Jeans plus i6+ in pocket when sitting down.
. Any pants with small pocket room.

Phones need room to slide around when you go from standing to sitting, put your phone in your pocket sometime and take a seat. The phone will slide to a position where it fits. Now, imagine a oversized 5.5 inch phone in a pocket thats too small for it to comfortably slide around. You end up with bent a bent 5.5 inch smart phone.

Solution? Bigger pant pockets. Or pull phone out of pocket when sitting. Or get one of those belt clip thingies. This'll blow over.

Know what won't blow over though? The 8.01 update wednesday that was so dick broken folks were actually unable to access their phone networks and the touch id home button stopped working. Thats sad apple, -hangs head, takes taunts at work without resisting- More QA before you release please.


That being said, lets get in to the games. I surfed the release lists, ended up tabbing 8 games to separate pages for further investigation. Further investigation dropped it down to 4 games. 1 game refuses to load in itunes, so down to 3 games.

Free, 62mb download, universal, no gamecenter

Epic Island
Free, 95mb download, univseral, gamecenter enabled.

Anomaly Defenders
4.99usd, 560mb download, universal, gamecenter enabled.

More details and impressions will follow, right now I'm going to go give these three a test drive.


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