Monday, September 15, 2014

Randomness, Progress Reports

I've been playing Spider-Man Unlimited steadily, probably a dozen or so times a day since if living by the energy bar it recharges every 50 minutes. Getting better steadily and felt really epic when I got a 100k score. Then some guy on toucharcade bragged about his 1.5billion score. Suddenly I don't feel quite so epic. Anywho, both old events ended, new one started. Not quite as good a rewards as the first 47hr event but still decent. Making progress on issue two, about half way done with it. I decided I'm not going to get the exp booster for 75 iap currency, these cards level just fine as it is on their own especially since I unlocked the second character slot. I'm now spending iap on harder to snag cards. Was going to focus on the 25 iap currency card draw's but their damn hard to upgrade because upgrading requires another exact matching card type/rarity to upgrade. Probably going to just focus on 5 iap currency rare card building out my entire deck instead. And all my ingame currency is being funneled in to purchasing additional hero slots atm.


Dragon Quest 1. Level 9 and moving quickly. I bought the best of the best from the town just east of the starting castle and immediately went up to the north west corner of the map where another town resides. Started farming gold across the bridge just south of that town until I had the best weapon and armor from that town. From there I went to the cave south of that bridge, got lost in it for about 2 hours because this is a port of the 3ds which was a remake of the original and the dungeons are all redesigned. But I spent so much time down there that I went from lvl6 to lvl9 and walked out of there with 1600 gold. Was intending to spend 800 of it on the best shield available from the nw town but I actually found that exact shield in a chest in this cave so win! I'm either heading south to poke that thing guarding edrick's armor in the sw ruined town, or im heading north east of the starting castle. There is a... well it was a cave with some hermit living it in the original nes game, no telling what it is now. There's also two bridges to cross and a very very wealthy town way up in the ne corner that sells keys! Keys are used to open doors (obviously) and their either very rarely found off mobs/in chests, or from this town for sale.


Space Engineers update. I've begun working on 2.0, the bigger meanier more useful successor to 1.0 (still haven't named 1.0 so can't very well name 2.0 duh). I built a platform just a bit below and further away from 1.0 on which to work on 2.0. Little sister comes along last night and decides that the long arm that connects these platforms to the main base needed a piston designed elevator. Prett much you place pistons next to one another each afew squares above the previous. You ride on the piston's head, then step on to the next piston and continue the trip, and so on and so on. 9 Pistons I believe make the total elevator. Well her doing this inspired me, I built a full wall/window around the elevator so it looked quality. Problem is, that quality elevator design made the platform 1.0 was parked against look like crap. Now that needed to change.

Little sister realized she had just made a monster and snuck away at first opportunity while I rebuilt the entire platform, added features that make docking 1.0 much easier after flying her around, then I went overboard and well... heh.

The photos are in no particular order but you can see the elevator she built, the condition of the platform too. I moved the conveyor under neath it, then redesigned the entire platform. I windowed it up and even put a overhang window over the neck of 1.0 when docked. Looks really cool to be honest and little sister has taken to parking her frigates on top the window ceiling of the platform and just hanging out inside the waiting area.

We used some piston trickery to build a boarding ramp for the ship. Button press on the platform or inside the ship retracts/extends the platform and you just walk on/off. Very cool. Also button on/off setup the connector that you can see in some photos. These things magnetically hold on to one another and even after disconnecting if you pull away the magnetic pull is still there. Makes it really difficult for all ship sizes to get away. Work around? Turn off the connector itself. Also ran a arm to the nose of 1.0 and installed a camera on 1.0's nose itself. Precision parking baby, Like A Glove! (ace ventura voice).

In those photos you can also see the work I'm doing on 2.0. She is flat out bigger in all aspects of the word. Installed two artillery turrets tonight on pistons that retract the weapons in to the head when not in use. going to work on some sort of door system to cover them when not in use here soon. Funny thing though, when I powered up the first gun, the conveyor system wasnt active yet but the gun really didn't like my ore detector sattelite that I had placed over little brothers asteroid off in the distance in the last photo. Its targeting beam was fixed on the satellite hard core. Well I shrugged, continued working, installed the conveyor system, etc. Running low on suit energy I hopped in to a chair on the platform (i have a chair on all platforms of my base, alot more convienent than running to the medical bay every time suit energy runs low, sitting in any chair on a powered base/ship recharges your suit) when I noticed way off in the distance that the satellite was in a dead spin. 2.0's weapons had pulled ammo from the base supply via the conveyor system the second I had connected it and one shot the satellite!

Amazing range on these guns.


I now own every car in real racing 3 and have gold trophied every race in the game. Right now I'm just popping in and updating my time trial event scores, I run the le mans 24 race with my toyota hybrid super car for 700k or so ingame currency every day or so if I feel in the mood. Spending that on upgrading what ever cars are in the weekly time trial event so I can get the best scores possible for me. Which means I'm always rank b. Rank a? Probably need to practice and take off the training wheels. I have always had auto accelerate on, braking assist to medium. Very nice comfortable way to play, especially on portable but the braking assist in particular baby's the track somewhat, over brakes most turns. With it turned off I could in theory wait longer before braking in to turns which would improve my times. If I turned off auto accelerate I could even coast through lesser corners, resulting in even better time due to no brake use and longer lasting car wear. Of course, if I turn those settings off then I need to learn how every single car engages every single curve of every track... ugh. I wish this game had those damn guide lines that change from green to red and whatnot.


And there it is, the games currently harassing my free time :)


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