Saturday, September 13, 2014

iOS 8 Cometh

So... have to be honest here, I haven't been following iOS 8 at all and its less than a week away. I really don't know anything about it so I'm going to surf the iOS 8 summary page and cover it now. Lets see...

. Lotsa new tools for developers. "new tools to extend the reach of their apps". Could be good, could be bad for us gamers. It could simply mean the apps will be able to do more functions that were previously closed off to the core operating system only, or it could mean more ways to get advertising in our faces in our games. Hrm.
. Their overhauling the photos app. Easier to edit your photos as you take them, easier to sort them.
. Messaging will not let you send voice replies instead of texting. Huh. Location integration as well.
. Looks like we'll be able to see links to frequently communicated with friends in the multi tasking screen.
. Apparently the keyboard will know the difference between my phat l77t speak in messages and my prim and proper emailing.
. Looks like the existing Family Sharing feature will now share everything if you want it too.
. icloud is open for access/editing/everything of anything you have on your cloud, anytime you want.
. Fitness health stuff.
. Full integration between all my apple devices. Start an email on one, finish it on another, Answer phone calls on my! Send messages, etc.
. That search bar thingie is getting overhauled. Also displays wiki results and stuff.
. 8 is compatible with every phone as far back as the 4s, every ipad 2 and up, ipod 5th gen.

So, thats a summary recap of the pin points on apple's iOS 8 page. Sounds interesting, probably will be alot more significant when its in my hand and I'm fiddling with it. Time will tell...


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