Friday, September 12, 2014

Goblin Sword
.99usd(temporary half price!), universal, 13mb download, gamecenter enabled

My Thoughts
Woo, good game! Metroid/Vania style action rpg, stage based. What that means is the hole game is side view and its an action platformer so you will be jumping around alot staying out of bad stuff, collecting coins and gems, breaking jars, smacking baddies upside the head, finding hidden chests which either have more coin/gems or collectables for your home. You'll spend all your hard earned cash on upgrades to your weapon, armor and trinket. Stage based means just that, you enter a stage, each stage has 2 chests hidden and 3 blue diamonds hidden. You smack, romph, loot your way across the stage and then spend the coin upgrading stuff.

Controls are simple and spot on. Left right arrows on bottom left corner. A and B for jumping and attacking on the bottom right. Thats all there is to it.

Sound and graphics are both reminescent of the old snes era. Love it :)

Things to do :
. There are three areas to this game, woods, castle, dungeon.
. Each area has about 30 stages.
. Every stage has 2 chests, 3 diamonds and lots of baddies to smack around.
. All stages are repeatable for cash and achievement chasing.
. There are at least 10 weapons, 10 armor and 10 relics (more actually) to buy.
. Weapons and Relics improve your character in various ways, Armor is strictly cosmetic.
. There's afew dozen collectables to find for your home and acheivements are tied in to the game, they reward you ingame coin for accomplishing them.
. There are additional hidden objects in each of the three areas that do not appear on your screen until you have completely beaten all stages for the area your in.
. The stage after 7 is a boss fight, beating it opens access to the following area of the game and all its stages.

My final thoughts? Love this game! Get it.

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