Thursday, December 11, 2014

Exploration enroute!

A new space engineers blog entry has confirmed that exploration is enroute sooner rather than later to SE! Never ending maps, just like minecraft the map will randomly generate as you go. We'll encounter random npc hostile ships, ship wrecks, stations, asteroids, fun fun. And they will be going through the steam workshop and adding popular player ship designs to the random generator ,giving the ship creator credit!

More progress on 2.0! Have to get her ready for exploration!

Initial wings added to give the back side some personality, blocky yep.

Wings finished, each side houses two large thrusters for horizontal control and an access door in between each of the engines. I'm strongly considering adding an upper and lower beam that connects the engines and goes over/under the main body. Think ring like 1.0 has but no where near as large. This would be more of a oval and would only be a block or two above the surface of the ship.

Lots of photos of 1.0 and 2.0 sitting next to eachother. I love them next to eachother so much that I've since built a station connector to keep 1.0 parked permanently next to its bigger sibling. Seeing the two confirms it, I'll be adding a 'ring' of sorts to 2.0 here shortly.

Once the ring is installed, its to work on the inside of the main body which is currently hollow. Originally 2.0 was just going to be a for fun cruiser around the asteroid belt my sister and I live in but with the announcement of exploration I was faced with the dilemma of either building an even larger 3.0 with everything inside to maintain complete self sufficiency or to shoe horn everything in to 2.0. I'm going to shoe horn 2.0 and see how it ends up.


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