Sunday, December 14, 2014

Space (Engineers) Bugs!

Who knew there were so many bugs in space! Totally! Thursday update, all my servers asteroids packed up their litter boxes and fled. Haven't seen them since. Thankfully I had previously built mk10 large class miner ship, you know the one with like 40 huge ore drills on it. And had thankfully gone on such a drilling spree that the Dig'n'Dump's 14 odd large cargo containers are overflowing with all types of ore.

Oh and then when Keen tried to fix the Thursday asteroid update they broke grinding. If you are in single player or are hosting the server, your fine. Anyone playing multi player, every time you grind a block there's a chance you will hard crash, but your character will remain in game grinding moving forward. This leads often to long grinded holes through things so yea.

Oh and the random fatal crashes. -facepalm- I may need to take a break from this game for afew days. But here's afew more screenshots of work on the interior of 2.0.

Reworking the outside of the ships head gives the benefit of expanding the workable space of the heads interior. New tables, new walkways, etc. Very nice!

Miner mk9, the class small class mining ship I built will be coming with on the great exploration voyage and since the mk9 is too big to fit in the hangar bay I built a personal docking bay for the frigate. See the second hole? I'm going to make a second ship, identical to the mk9 except that it will be packed with grinders on the front instead of ore drills. Will be used for cleaning up ship wrecks I find/make and bases and whatnot. Mental note, rebuild the SCV. I was using the SCV mk2 to grind up a npc ship for resources when the npc ship started drifting in to pieces. Well two or three of the chunks of the npc ship all converged on the pilots seat of the SCV. Result? Boom.

And lastly, several shots of the inside. Work on the neck, hangar bay and main body. Several shots of the main body you can see just how the mk9 miner and mk1 grinder will dock. -pats self on back- Genius heh.

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