Saturday, December 13, 2014

Space Engineers Update

Greetings engineers, reporting in from SE despite all the bugs of late. Alot of progress has been made and without any prattling on lets get straight to the screenshots.

Started working on the over wing, just put something basic across the top for reference. Note, finally decided where the vertical thrusters will be, heh.

Installing personality to the ring.

Little sister showed up to help, she always has liked parking on my projects. Literally heh.

Upper ring complete, found a nice place for the bridge and put that large flat black panel to use. I knew there was a reason I put it in to begin with!

Bottom ring complete, I wish I had taken more screenshots of this progress. Little sister was on hand to help me 'mirror' the top ring and the bottom. To make it easier on us I literally turned 2.0 upside down putting belly towards the sun for better lighting. Completing the bottom took a bit longer than expected, largely because of SE's Thursday update. Since that update, using grinders to remove anything has a chance of hard locking the game for the person grinding. Whats more? Not only do you have to kill the game in task manager, but then you have to go surf the processes section of the windows task manager to find SE and remove it a second time before Steam will recognize that the game is no longer running. Whats even more? Until you kill the second process, Steam things your still in game, because you are. And your still grinding. and your still moving in what ever direction you happened to be moving at the time of the crash. Discovered that last fact after returning from a hard crash one time to find a whole cut through the upper ring, in to the body, through two engines and out the bottom side.

Epic stuff. We made it a goal to make no mistakes so that we wouldn't have to grind anything. Did pretty well too.

1.0 and 2.0 side by side, from the rear.

Afew more finished product photos.

The above two photos I added for a very specific reason. The problem with taking four months to complete the outside of this ship is that in those four months my design language evolved. This ship I built from the front panel to the back and there is a definite change in style here. The nose looks like it literally is the progression of 1.0's design while the back side of 2.0 looks... only very very little like 1.0 at all. I experiment, I try new things, my style evolves. Well the sister and I wandered around the nose of 2.0 for abit tonight and despite several grind related crashes, here is the new nose.

Looks much better and there's even more room inside, I'm going to have to redesign the noses interior. Darn. Shucks. I 'hate' redesigning stuff.

Yea right. Looking forward to it!

But all that aside I installed two large reactors that are spitting out enough juice that 2.0 only runs at 30% max capacity when flying around aggressively. Oh and this thing is fast as hell. And turns like a turd. Even with eleven gyro stabilizers. Well to be honest once I installed the eleven gyro's she turns quite nicely, but she still flips upside down slow as hell.

Whats next? Reworking the interior that's present and working on the main body's interior. Got to get this beast ready for exploration!

Oh hey, another bug hit by the way this past Thursday. Every damn asteroid vanished. Period. gone. Even after three updates to the game client from the Dev team, no dice. The best they could do is prevent it from happening again, anyone who lost their asteroids prior to the latest hot fixes is screwed. Eventually the sister and I will flip this server to creative mode, make blue prints of our favorite ships and start a whole new map.

Probably will do this when exploration hits.

Oh and one other thing, the space you see around the ships? That's the new skybox from the developers. Much nicer than the low res asteroid belt we were previously in :)


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