Friday, July 17, 2015

Space Engineers 2.0c Final

2.0b... I've different ideas in mind for that one. 2.0b will maintain the same build as 2.0, with separable sections of it. More to come on that.

Introducing 2.0c, Light Carrier Exploration Cruiser. Capable of 2k meter jumps, power grid fully sufficient to recharge drives in between use. Fully self sufficient with refining and production abilities. The Neck was nearly doubled in size and strengthened with additional heavy armor arms. Engineers at Paigelore Industries took the body of a second 2.0 class and attached it to an existing 2.0, using the new front end as a hangar bay Additional vertical large thrusters have been added as well as two more breaking thrusters.

Lastly, the ring itself has been toned a bit for improved less blocky look.

Only photos released by Paigelore showcase the new features added with 2.0c. What follows is a photo of 2.0 before the overhaul.

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