Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fallout Shelter Followup

Bethesda announced today that the game has been played an average 70million times a day every day since it released last week. Epic!

Futher observations follow :
. The nuclear reactor and other advanced production rooms that you unlock at 60/70/80 population milestones. They only give about 12 more of the resource at max level compared to their counter parts but... they give about 4x as much storage surplus capacity. Really nice... having that much surplus, you literally don't have to log in every day if your busy elsewhere.
. Suggestion, when you can (early on as possible) move your first residential room to a lower floor and put one of your resource producing rooms top level. I just placed my first nuclear reactor 3wide room up there. Why? Because you are already heavily defending (should be!) these rooms from roach attacks etc, so why not put one of those rooms top level, heavily defend it and laugh anytime raiders get in your vault. My reactor room is staffed by 6 individuals all with 15+ damage weapons and fully armored. Everytime a raid happens, one of the raiders falls dead before firing a shot heh. Residental rooms shouldn't be top level, their almost always unoccupied making them useless defense wise and it can actually be really messy if you have folks socializing in there when a raid passes through.
. There is a storage cap on rad-x and stimpaks and its not determined by the storage room, its determined by the rooms that produce these highly useful resources. 1 medical room 3 wide lvl3 can store 35 stimpaks. 2 medical rooms same state doubles this, etc.
. No internet connection required for this game. Obvious to some but I caught someone offguard this evening when I mentioned it to them.

And last but not least, the grand daddy. I fully support developers who make games I like and as of this post all lunch box offers in this game are 50% off. As such I've purchased a max size pack (currently 9.99) for 40 lunch boxes.

Now that said, I am curious about all the npcs out in this game and whatnot, many of which are so damn rare that you'll like never ever ever see them unless you lunch box. And this game has a... extreme bug in the early tutorial that if done right can result in 20+ lunch boxes an hour for ever. I'll start by showing you what you need to look out for.

New save names go through a tutorial that is a blend of popup notifications and in game objectives. See the image above? The top and middle objectives are the two that mark the end of the games objective side tutorial. Once either of those is turned in, objectives become completely random leaning more towards ingame currency rewards instead of lunch boxes. If you complete the two just like I did in that screenshot, but never claim them, the objective tutorial never ends. See the third objective? Every time you complete it, one of three objectives will replace it.

. Level up one vault dweller. Lunchbox Reward.
. Collect 50 (resource random). Lunchbox Reward.
. Collect 50 (resource random). 25 caps.

Seems to go in that order. level up lunchbox, resource lunchbox, resource caps. And 50 of any resource is very easy to reach. You get 40 per tap on a 3 wide lvl3 resource room. So if you have one of each type, your earning every 2-3 minutes. Regarding the leveling up a dweller, soon as its available get a radio room. If your not breeding your citizens on this save file then you'll need the radio room to attract new level 1 citizens. level 1 citizens level very quickly early on so long as they have a job in the vault (NOT the training room) so you will always want to be accepting new citizens so you can keep accomplishing the level a dweller objective.

Just remember, never ever hit the claim button for the sell weapon/outfit or equip dweller and you will be floating in lunchboxes.

Now that you know the above, do us all a favor and make a iap purchase to support the developers and to fund further content updates. They deserve it, this game rocks!

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